Intel patents granted on 03 July 2012

35 US patents granted on 03 July 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,214,914 Securing wakeup network events
2 8,214,902 Determination by circuitry of presence of authorized and/or malicious data
3 8,214,871 Signal compression for fiber node
4 8,214,867 Delivery of feedback information to scheduling service to determine optimum broadcast times based upon client platform tuner contention
5 8,214,837 Method, apparatus and system for dynamically allocating sequestered computing resources
6 8,214,830 Performance in a virtualization architecture with a processor abstraction layer
7 8,214,818 Method and apparatus to achieve maximum outer level parallelism of a loop
8 8,214,780 Optimization of verification of chip design
9 8,214,677 Voltage regulator with suspend mode
10 8,214,626 Method and apparatus for shuffling data
11 8,214,598 System, method, and apparatus for a cache flush of a range of pages and TLB invalidation of a range of entries
12 8,214,596 Apparatus and method for segmented cache utilization
13 8,214,574 Event handling for architectural events at high privilege levels
14 8,214,573 Method and system for handling a management interrupt event in a multi-processor computing device
15 8,214,525 Addresses assignment for adaptor interfaces
16 8,214,414 Combined set bit count and detector logic
17 8,214,237 Methods and apparatus for resource allocation in computer architectures
18 8,213,894 Integrated circuit passive signal distribution
19 8,213,887 Pre-distorting a transmitted signal for offset cancellation
20 8,213,804 Semiconductor optical amplifier for an external cavity diode laser
21 8,213,618 Protecting content on client platforms
22 8,213,542 Highly optimized digital IQ transmitter chain
23 8,213,528 Apparatus and associated methods to perform space-frequency interleaving in a multicarrier wireless communication channel
24 8,213,344 Method and apparatus for antenna allocation on a multi-radio platform
25 8,213,305 Dynamic service management for multicore processors
26 8,213,303 Generating, at least in part, and/or receiving, at least in part, at least one request
27 8,213,291 Wireless data transmission methods, devices, and systems
28 8,213,145 Output driver protection
29 8,212,542 Load adaptive power delivery
30 8,212,350 Space and cost efficient incorporation of specialized input-output pins on integrated circuit substrates
31 8,212,183 Method and apparatus for utilizing thermal energy generated by medical diagnostic devices
32 8,211,772 Two-dimensional condensation for uniaxially strained semiconductor fins
33 8,211,771 Multiple-gate transistors and processes of making same
34 8,211,501 Fluorination pre-treatment of heat spreader attachment indium thermal interface material
35 8,209,989 Microarchitecture control for thermoelectric cooling