Intel patents granted on 03 March 2015

40 US patents granted on 03 March 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 8,973,095 Authenticating a user of a system via an authentication image mechanism
2 8,973,094 Execution of a secured environment initialization instruction on a point-to-point interconnect system
3 8,972,994 Method and apparatus to bypass object lock by speculative execution of generated bypass code shell based on bypass failure threshold in managed runtime environment
4 8,972,763 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including determining an optimal power state of the apparatus based on residency time of non-core domains in a power saving state
5 8,972,746 Technique for supporting multiple secure enclaves
6 8,972,713 Cloud transformable device
7 8,972,710 Network storage target boot and network connectivity through a common network device
8 8,972,698 Vector conflict instructions
9 8,972,697 Gather using index array and finite state machine
10 8,972,685 Method, apparatus and system for exchanging communications via a command/address bus
11 8,972,646 Superspeed inter-chip interface
12 8,972,640 Controlling a physical link of a first protocol using an extended capability structure of a second protocol
13 8,972,311 Intelligent spectrum allocation based on user behavior patterns
14 8,971,934 Mechanism for facilitating dynamic real-time customization of messaging for computing systems
15 8,971,901 Inter-cell interference coordination in wireless networks
16 8,971,864 System and method for sending local information from a wireless browser to a web server
17 8,971,835 Receiver with wide dynamic range and low power consumption
18 8,971,690 Technique to coordinate activities between a content device and a wireless device based on context awareness
19 8,971,530 Cryptographic key generation using a stored input value and a stored count value
20 8,971,470 System, method, and device to distribute accurate synchronization timestamps in an expandable and timing critical system
21 8,971,413 Techniques for storing and retrieving pixel data
22 8,971,351 Enhanced carrier sensing for multi-channel operation
23 8,971,235 Wireless clone mode display
24 8,971,137 Bit based fuse repair
25 8,971,097 SRAM bit-line and write assist apparatus and method for lowering dynamic power and peak current, and a dual input level-shifter
26 8,971,089 Low power phase change memory cell
27 8,971,087 Stacked memory with interface providing offset interconnects
28 8,970,956 On-chip diffraction grating prepared by crystallographic wet-etch
29 8,970,587 Five-dimensional occlusion queries
30 8,970,561 Digital signature collection and authentication
31 8,970,420 Bipolar time-to-digital converter
32 8,970,328 TEM mode transmission line comprising a conductor line mounted in a three sided open groove and method of manufacture
33 8,970,314 Interference resistant local oscillator
34 8,970,051 Solution to deal with die warpage during 3D die-to-die stacking
35 8,969,948 Tungsten salicide gate source for vertical NAND string to control on current and cell pillar fabrication
36 8,969,165 Self-aligned insulating etchstop layer on a metal contact
37 8,969,140 Embedded semiconductive chips in reconstituted wafers, and systems containing same
38 8,969,134 Laser ablation tape for solder interconnect formation
39 8,968,916 Non-uniform battery cell
40 8,968,093 Dynamic insertion of personalized content in online game scenes