Intel patents granted on 03 November 2015

54 US patents granted on 03 November 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,179,490 Apparatus, system and method of disconnecting a wireless communication link
2 9,179,455 Methods and arrangements for frequency selective transmission
3 9,179,366 Scheduling methods and apparatus based on adjusted channel capacity
4 9,179,343 Techniques for cross-device radio signal strength calibration
5 9,179,314 Secure and automatic connection to wireless network
6 9,179,156 Memory controller for video analytics and encoding
7 9,179,118 Techniques for synchronization of audio and video
8 9,178,941 Method and apparatus for requesting media replication in a collaborative communication session, and method and apparatus for assigning a communication medium for a collaborative communication session
9 9,178,884 Enabling access to remote entities in access controlled networks
10 9,178,815 NIC flow switching
11 9,178,737 Method for generating an OFDM data signal
12 9,178,712 Remote audio
13 9,178,675 Channel estimation and tracking
14 9,178,615 Multiphase sampling of modulated light with phase synchronization field
15 9,178,588 Method for determining a transmission direction for a communication, a method for determining a precoding matrix for a communication, and a device configured to do the same
16 9,178,574 Beaconing and superframe structure for millimeter wave wireless technologies
17 9,178,521 Fast settling mixed signal phase interpolator with integrated duty cycle correction
18 9,178,502 Apparatus for a monotonic delay line, method for fast locking of a digital DLL with clock stop/start tolerance, apparatus and method for robust clock edge placement, and apparatus and method for clock offset tuning
19 9,178,494 Square root raised cosine symmetric filter for mobile telecommunications
20 9,178,328 Shielded sockets for microprocessors and fabrication thereof by overmolding and plating
21 9,177,967 Heterogeneous semiconductor material integration techniques
22 9,177,911 Package substrates with multiple dice
23 9,177,867 Tungsten gates for non-planar transistors
24 9,177,831 Die assembly on thin dielectric sheet
25 9,177,717 Coil techniques
26 9,177,534 Data transmission for display partial update
27 9,177,412 Techniques for multiple pass rendering
28 9,177,390 Optical flow measurement divide
29 9,177,353 Secure rendering of display surfaces
30 9,177,253 System and method for DFA-NFA splitting
31 9,177,252 Incremental DFA compilation with single rule granularity
32 9,177,251 Impulse regular expression matching
33 9,177,173 Handling repeated requests for the same user data
34 9,177,148 Protection against return oriented programming attacks
35 9,177,147 Protection against return oriented programming attacks
36 9,177,129 Devices, systems, and methods for monitoring and asserting trust level using persistent trust log
37 9,176,961 System and method for generating homogeneous metadata from pre-existing metadata
38 9,176,918 Inter-component communication using an interface including master and slave communication
39 9,176,911 Explicit flow control for implicit memory registration
40 9,176,895 Increased error correction for cache memories through adaptive replacement policies
41 9,176,875 Power gating a portion of a cache memory
42 9,176,838 Encrypted data inspection in a network environment
43 9,176,770 Cooperated interrupt moderation for a virtualization environment
44 9,176,735 Digital signal processor having instruction set with one or more non-linear complex functions
45 9,176,581 System and method for inferring user intent based on eye movement during observation of a display screen
46 9,176,577 Spherical three-dimensional controller
47 9,176,570 System and method for providing universal serial bus link power management policies in a processor environment
48 9,176,565 Controlling operating frequency of a core domain based on operating condition of a non-core domain of a multi-domain processor
49 9,176,554 Power management in a bridge based on a second derivative value derived from a mathematical derivative of plurality of values corresponding to the received packets
50 9,176,550 Thermally downward scalable system
51 9,176,537 Connector assembly for an electronic device
52 9,176,528 Display device having multi-mode virtual bezel
53 9,176,087 Device and method for detecting redox reactions in solution
54 9,174,116 System for developing, managing, acquiring and playing electronic board games