Intel patents granted on 03 October 2006

41 US patents granted on 03 October 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 7,117,521 Method to measure the perceived quality of streaming media
2 7,117,498 Thread optimization for lock and unlock operations in a multi-thread environment
3 7,117,490 Method and apparatus for doing program analysis
4 7,117,465 Application of the retimed normal form to the formal equivalence verification of abstract RTL descriptions for pipelined designs
5 7,117,431 Dialog boxes to simplify web-based forms
6 7,117,401 Method and apparatus for optimizing timing for a multi-drop bus
7 7,117,396 Scalable CPU error recorder
8 7,117,379 Method and apparatus for a computing system having an active sleep mode
9 7,117,376 Platform and method of creating a secure boot that enforces proper user authentication and enforces hardware configurations
10 7,117,353 Methods and apparatus to enable console redirection in a multiple execution environment
11 7,117,345 Non-stalling circular counterflow pipeline processor with reorder buffer
12 7,117,339 Apparatus to map virtual pages to disparate-sized, non-contiguous real pages
13 7,117,326 Tracking modifications to a memory
14 7,117,311 Hot plug cache coherent interface method and apparatus
15 7,117,306 Mitigating access penalty of a semiconductor nonvolatile memory
16 7,117,289 Claiming cycles on a processor bus in a system having a PCI to PCI bridge north of a memory controller
17 7,117,280 Network based intra-system communications architecture
18 7,117,232 Method and apparatus for providing packed shift operations in a processor
19 7,117,114 On-die temperature control data for communicating to a thermal actuator
20 7,117,083 System and method for enabling wireless traffic message passing
21 7,117,015 Internet base station
22 7,117,008 Mitigating interference among multiple radio device types
23 7,116,952 Method and apparatus to provide an area efficient antenna diversity receiver
24 7,116,938 Method and apparatus for mitigating radio frequency interference between transceiver systems
25 7,116,866 Back-reflection reduction device
26 7,116,847 Method and apparatus for polarization insensitive phase shifting of an optical beam in an optical device
27 7,116,670 Method and apparatus for extending point-to-point/asynchronous transfer mode services to client computer systems
28 7,116,597 High precision reference devices and methods
29 7,116,331 Memory controller hub interface
30 7,116,330 Approximating motion using a three-dimensional model
31 7,116,316 Audible and visual effects as a result of adaptive tablet scanning
32 7,116,151 Stress tolerant high voltage back-to-back switch
33 7,116,034 Structure to achieve high-Q and low insertion loss film bulk acoustic resonators
34 7,116,011 CPU surge reduction and protection
35 7,115,995 Structural reinforcement of highly porous low k dielectric films by Cu diffusion barrier structures
36 7,115,987 Integrated stacked microchannel heat exchanger and heat spreader
37 7,115,502 Structure and manufacturing process of localized shunt to reduce electromigration failure of copper dual damascene process
38 7,115,479 Sacrificial annealing layer for a semiconductor device and a method of fabrication
39 7,115,230 Hydrodynamic focusing devices
40 7,114,959 Land grid array with socket plate
41 7,114,641 Drip resistant dispensing nozzle