Intel patents granted on 04 August 2015

45 US patents granted on 04 August 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 D735,717 Electronic display device
2 9,100,976 Device-to-device distributed scheduling
3 9,100,951 Simultaneous transmission of different types of feedback information in a wireless environment
4 9,100,929 Terminal and a method for establishing a cellular network connection between a terminal and a base station
5 9,100,911 Inter-rat coverage determination for energy saving management
6 9,100,889 Methods for signaling and determining the time of the beginning of a measurement time interval, communication device and communication network element
7 9,100,877 Communication devices and methods for controlling a communication device
8 9,100,779 Location-aware management of lists of uniform resource locators (URLS) for mobile devices
9 9,100,693 Methods and apparatuses for securing playback content
10 9,100,662 Content adaptive motion compensation filtering for high efficiency video coding
11 9,100,636 Motion and quality adaptive rolling intra refresh
12 9,100,544 Providing spontaneous connection and interaction between local and remote interaction devices
13 9,100,466 Method for processing an audio signal and audio receiving circuit
14 9,100,348 Managing sideband routers in on-die system fabric
15 9,100,308 Wireless network facilitator and monitor
16 9,100,273 Calendar-aware devices
17 9,100,184 Instructions processors, methods, and systems to process BLAKE secure hashing algorithm
18 9,100,160 Apparatus and method for small data transmission in 3GPP-LTE systems
19 9,100,047 Method and apparatus for mitigating resonant effects within a power delivery network of a printed circuit board
20 9,099,581 Re-entrant mirror photodetector with waveguide mode focusing
21 9,099,490 Self-aligned structures and methods for asymmetric GaN transistors and enhancement mode operation
22 9,099,444 3D integrated circuit package with through-mold first level interconnects
23 9,099,352 Semiconductor substrate for an optical receiver
24 9,099,183 Program VT spread folding for NAND flash memory programming
25 9,099,047 Power efficient high frequency display with motion blur mitigation
26 9,099,028 RGBW dynamic color fidelity control
27 9,098,705 Method, apparatus, and system for isolating a temporary partition on a host
28 9,098,643 Multiple serial port controller
29 9,098,642 Dual bus standard switching bus controller
30 9,098,561 Determining an effective stress level on a processor
31 9,098,427 Controlling access to groups of memory pages in a virtualized environment
32 9,098,415 PCI express transaction descriptor
33 9,098,402 Techniques to configure a solid state drive to operate in a storage mode or a memory mode
34 9,098,355 Method and apparatus for substituting compiler built-in helper functions with machine instructions
35 9,098,337 Scheduling virtual central processing units of virtual machines among physical processing units
36 9,098,302 System and apparatus to improve boot speed in serial peripheral interface system using a baseboard management controller
37 9,098,300 Providing silicon integrated code for a system
38 9,098,284 Method and apparatus for saving power by efficiently disabling ways for a set-associative cache
39 9,098,282 Methods, systems and apparatus to manage power consumption of a graphics engine
40 9,098,280 Staged power distribution control
41 9,098,274 Methods and apparatuses to improve turbo performance for events handling
42 9,098,268 MFENCE and LFENCE micro-architectural implementation method and system
43 9,098,261 User level control of power management policies
44 9,096,953 Method for high throughput, high volume manufacturing of biomolecule micro arrays
45 9,096,128 Creating a sensory experience in a vehicle