Intel patents granted on 04 December 2007

35 US patents granted on 04 December 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,305,711 Public key media key block
2 7,305,699 Method and apparatus for generating carousels
3 7,305,695 System for providing video on demand with pause feature
4 7,305,677 Transfer of runtime-based application code
5 7,305,668 Secure method to perform computer system firmware updates
6 7,305,592 Support for nested fault in a virtual machine environment
7 7,305,569 Apparatus, system and method for adjusting a set of actual power states according to a function depending on a set of desired power states
8 7,305,550 System and method for providing authentication and verification services in an enhanced media gateway
9 7,305,544 Interleaved boot block to support multiple processor architectures and method of use
10 7,305,542 Instruction length decoder
11 7,305,500 Sram controller for parallel processor architecture including a read queue and an order queue for handling requests
12 7,305,493 Embedded transport acceleration architecture
13 7,305,240 Method and system of network management software architectures for mobile broadband wireless networks
14 7,305,237 Hole-filling channel access
15 7,305,167 Trapezoidal ridge waveguide oriented away from <110> direction
16 7,305,162 Reducing the temperature sensitivity of optical waveguide interference filters
17 7,305,156 Optical sub-assembly
18 7,305,086 Reducing problems caused by variations in watermark detection results
19 7,305,054 Robust multiple chain receiver
20 7,305,023 Receivers for cycle encoded signals
21 7,305,019 Excimer laser with electron emitters
22 7,304,905 Throttling memory in response to an internal temperature of a memory device
23 7,304,889 Serially sensing the output of multilevel cell arrays
24 7,304,575 Low cost power amplifier linearization in an RFID radio transmit chain
25 7,304,391 Modified chip attach process and apparatus
26 7,304,388 Method and apparatus for an improved air gap interconnect structure
27 7,304,381 Package and method for attaching an integrated heat spreader
28 7,304,373 Power distribution within a folded flex package method and apparatus
29 7,303,989 Using zeolites to improve the mechanical strength of low-k interlayer dielectrics
30 7,303,985 Zeolite-carbon doped oxide composite low k dielectric
31 7,303,977 Laser micromachining method
32 7,303,944 Microelectronic devices having underfill materials with improved fluxing agents
33 7,303,648 Via etch process
34 7,302,832 Use of arrays of atomic force microscope/scanning tunneling microscope tips to scan nanocodes
35 7,302,756 Bond finger on via substrate, process of making same, package made thereby, and method of assembling same