Intel patents granted on 04 January 2011

25 US patents granted on 04 January 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,865,886 Blocking of nested loops having feedback or feedforward indexes
2 7,865,885 Using transactional memory for precise exception handling in aggressive dynamic binary optimizations
3 7,865,823 Method and apparatus for schema validation
4 7,865,822 Method and apparatus for parallel validation of documents
5 7,865,775 Remote firmware recovery
6 7,865,762 Methods and apparatus for handling errors involving virtual machines
7 7,865,753 Resource power controller to return a resource to an up state based on an estimate of a size of a gap in data traffic
8 7,865,752 Port-based packet filter
9 7,865,751 Microarchitecture controller for thin-film thermoelectric cooling
10 7,865,740 Logging changes to blocks in a non-volatile memory
11 7,865,712 Method and apparatus for booting a processing system
12 7,865,683 Identifier associated with memory locations for managing memory accesses
13 7,865,670 Invalidating translation lookaside buffer entries in a virtual machine (VM) system
14 7,865,634 Managing a buffer for media processing
15 7,865,370 Content filtering for a digital audio signal
16 7,865,196 Device, system, and method of coordinating wireless connections
17 7,864,864 Context buffer address determination using a plurality of modular indexes
18 7,864,768 Device, system and method of multicast/broadcast communication
19 7,864,720 Power management for wireless devices
20 7,864,701 Apparatus, system and method capable of decreasing management frame size in wireless networks
21 7,864,604 Multiple address outputs for programming the memory register set differently for different DRAM devices
22 7,864,189 Converting color data to a color palette
23 7,864,177 System and methods for real-time rendering with global and specular illumination
24 7,863,710 Dislocation removal from a group III-V film grown on a semiconductor substrate
25 7,861,406 Method of forming CMOS transistors with dual-metal silicide formed through the contact openings