Intel patents granted on 04 March 2014

26 US patents granted on 04 March 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,667,595 Method, apparatus and system for containing and localizing malware propagation
2 8,667,580 Secure boot scheme from external memory using internal memory
3 8,667,367 Memory cell supply voltage control based on error detection
4 8,667,360 Apparatus, system, and method for generating and decoding a longer linear block codeword using a shorter block length
5 8,667,336 Flash memory-hosted local and remote out-of-service platform manageability
6 8,667,325 Method, apparatus and system for providing memory sparing information
7 8,667,250 Methods, apparatus, and instructions for converting vector data
8 8,667,249 Systems and methods exchanging data between processors through concurrent shared memory
9 8,667,222 Bypass and insertion algorithms for exclusive last-level caches
10 8,667,221 Detection of streaming data in cache
11 8,667,214 Techniques to store configuration information in an option read-only memory
12 8,667,197 Providing a fine-grained arbitration system
13 8,667,110 Method and apparatus for providing a remotely managed expandable computer system
14 8,667,042 Functional unit for vector integer multiply add instruction
15 8,666,448 Headless external sensor discovery and data access using mobile device
16 8,666,325 Polar feedback receiver for modulator
17 8,666,172 Providing multiple symmetrical filters
18 8,665,981 Multiple input, multiple output wireless communication system, associated methods and data structures
19 8,665,934 Multimode multicarrier modem system and method of communication over the same
20 8,665,843 Single MPDU frame signaling
21 8,665,736 MAC slot alignment among multiple wireless stations
22 8,665,124 Compression format for high bandwidth dictionary compression
23 8,664,986 System, method and emulation circuitry useful for adjusting a characteristic of a periodic signal
24 8,664,771 Apparatuses and methods to enhance passivation and ILD reliability
25 8,664,694 Field effect transistor with narrow bandgap source and drain regions and method of fabrication
26 8,664,008 Enzymatic signal generation and detection of binding complexes in stationary fluidic chip