Intel patents granted on 04 November 2014

32 US patents granted on 04 November 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,881,216 System and method for locating and capturing desired media content from media broadcasts
2 8,881,193 Method and apparatus for enhancing television programs with event notifications
3 8,881,106 Debugging parallel software using speculatively executed code sequences in a multiple core environment
4 8,881,071 Photolithography mask design simplification
5 8,880,925 Techniques for utilizing energy usage information
6 8,880,923 Link power management in an I/O interconnect
7 8,880,879 Accelerated cryptography with an encryption attribute
8 8,880,877 Method for assembling authorization certificate chains
9 8,880,811 Data processing device and data processing arrangement for accelerating buffer synchronization
10 8,880,071 Vertical handover composite quality measures
11 8,880,051 Automatic seamless context sharing across multiple devices
12 8,880,005 Transceiver with cascaded phase-locked loops
13 8,879,996 Method to enable Wi-Fi direct usage in radar bands
14 8,879,980 Mobile radio communication devices, mobile radio communication network devices, methods for controlling a mobile radio communication device, and methods for controlling a mobile radio communication network device
15 8,879,829 Fast correlation search for stereo algorithm
16 8,879,827 Analyzing structured light patterns
17 8,879,725 Combining instructions including an instruction that performs a sequence of transformations to isolate one transformation
18 8,879,676 Channel response noise reduction at digital receivers
19 8,879,671 Worker and iteration control for parallel turbo decoder
20 8,879,667 Layer shifting in open loop multiple-input, multiple-output communications
21 8,879,633 Fast multi-frame motion estimation with adaptive search strategies
22 8,879,450 Enhancing PS-poll for low-power WiFi
23 8,879,346 Mechanisms for enabling power management of embedded dynamic random access memory on a semiconductor integrated circuit package
24 8,878,860 Accessing memory using multi-tiling
25 8,878,610 Current canceling gain control for high frequency wideband cross-coupled amplifiers
26 8,878,579 System and method for scaling power of a phase-locked loop architecture
27 8,878,363 Fermi-level unpinning structures for semiconductive devices, processes of forming same, and systems containing same
28 8,878,360 Stacked fan-out semiconductor chip
29 8,878,279 Self-aligned floating gate in a vertical memory structure
30 8,877,632 Providing a void-free filled interconnect structure in a layer of package substrate
31 8,877,565 Method of forming a multilayer substrate core structure using sequential microvia laser drilling and substrate core structure formed according to the method
32 8,876,737 Monitoring sleep stages to determine optimal arousal times and to alert an individual to negative states of wakefulness