Intel patents granted on 04 October 2011

37 US patents granted on 04 October 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 8,032,942 Configuration of virtual trusted platform module
2 8,032,904 Confirming video transmissions
3 8,032,787 Volatile storage based power loss recovery mechanism
4 8,032,772 Method, apparatus, and system for optimizing frequency and performance in a multi-die microprocessor
5 8,032,741 Method and apparatus for virtualization of a multi-context hardware trusted platform module (TPM)
6 8,032,735 Load/move duplicate instructions for a processor
7 8,032,711 Prefetching from dynamic random access memory to a static random access memory
8 8,032,706 Method and apparatus for detecting a data access violation
9 8,032,688 Micro-tile memory interfaces
10 8,032,681 Processor selection for an interrupt based on willingness to accept the interrupt and on priority
11 8,032,675 Dynamic memory buffer allocation method and system
12 8,032,664 Method and apparatus for using a single multi-function adapter with different operating systems
13 8,032,660 Apparatus and method for managing subscription requests for a network interface component
14 8,032,160 Repetitive paging from a wireless data base station having a smart antenna system
15 8,032,117 Dynamic passing of wireless configuration parameters
16 8,032,086 Method and apparatus for managing communications
17 8,031,956 Enhancing video sharpness and contrast by luminance and chrominance transient improvement
18 8,031,872 Pre-expiration purging of authentication key contexts
19 8,031,805 Beamforming by antenna puncturing
20 8,031,764 Multiplexer based transmitter equalization
21 8,031,763 Automatic tuning circuit for a continuous-time equalizer
22 8,031,695 HDLC encoding and decoding techniques
23 8,031,683 Selecting portals to service network transmissions
24 8,031,649 Systems and methods for arranging MAC layer PDUs in a downlink burst
25 8,031,612 Altering operation of a network interface controller based on network traffic
26 8,031,606 Packet switching
27 8,031,605 System and method for node-clustering and multi-hop routing in wideband wireless ad-hoc networks
28 8,031,267 Motion adaptive upsampling of chroma video signals
29 8,031,262 Determining a final exposure setting automatically for a solid state camera without a separate light metering circuit
30 8,031,017 Method and apparatus for determining within-die and across-die variation of analog circuits
31 8,030,968 Staged predriver for high speed differential transmitter
32 8,030,782 Metal-metal bonding of compliant interconnect
33 8,030,757 Forming a semiconductor package including a thermal interface material
34 8,030,197 Recessed channel array transistor (RCAT) in replacement metal gate (RMG) logic flow
35 8,030,163 Reducing external resistance of a multi-gate device using spacer processing techniques
36 8,029,922 Forming electroplated inductor structures for integrated circuits
37 8,029,320 Integrated module including physical layer network device, receptacle and physical layer isolation module