Intel patents granted on 04 October 2016

68 US patents granted on 04 October 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,462,677 Minimizing crosstalk in a data transfer device
2 9,462,629 Reduction of packet retransmissions in dual connectivity systems
3 9,462,617 Connection management techniques for wireless docking
4 9,462,607 Apparatus, method and system of multi-user uplink transmission
5 9,462,567 Network-level device proximity detection
6 9,462,555 Systems and methods for low power consumption in wireless communication systems
7 9,462,549 Systems and methods for optimizing power consumption associated with processing group addressed messages
8 9,462,504 Transmit time offset in uplink multi-user multiple input-multiple output system
9 9,462,478 Dynamic shared access spectrum selection
10 9,462,436 Preventing dropped calls through behavior prediction
11 9,462,333 Method for processing multimedia streams
12 9,462,325 Time shifting by concurrently recording and playing a data stream
13 9,462,280 Content adaptive quality restoration filtering for high efficiency video coding
14 9,462,263 Calibrating a one-dimensional coded light 3D acquisition system
15 9,461,994 Trusted computing base evidence binding for a migratable virtual machine
16 9,461,930 Modifying data streams without reordering in a multi-thread, multi-flow network processor
17 9,461,927 Method, device, and system for delaying packets during a network-triggered wake of a computing device
18 9,461,857 Systems and methods for high rate OFDM communications
19 9,461,855 Methods and arrangements for selecting channel updates in wireless networks
20 9,461,816 Methods, systems and apparatus to reduce processor demands during encryption
21 9,461,757 Method and device for processing a signal based on a first and a second covariance measure
22 9,461,752 Methods and arrangements for generating a waveform for frequency shift keying communications
23 9,461,727 Adaptive sectorization of a spational region for parallel multi-user transmissions
24 9,461,723 Orthologonal beamforming for multiple user multiple-input and multiple-output (MU-MIMO)
25 9,461,716 Near field communications (NFC) modulation feedback apparatus for tuned antenna configurations
26 9,461,709 Methods and systems for server power line communication
27 9,461,685 Controlling subscriber identity module (SIM) active state in a multiple SIMs radio
28 9,461,590 Envelope tracking in connection with simultaneous transmission in one or more frequency bands
29 9,461,478 Wireless power transfer apparatus and method thereof
30 9,461,431 Mechanism for facilitating and employing a magnetic grid array
31 9,461,355 Method apparatus and material for radio frequency passives and antennas
32 9,461,160 Non-planar III-N transistor
33 9,461,143 Gate contact structure over active gate and method to fabricate same
34 9,461,141 Contact techniques and configurations for reducing parasitic resistance in nanowire transistors
35 9,461,014 Methods of forming ultra thin package structures including low temperature solder and structures formed therby
36 9,461,010 Debond interconnect structures
37 9,460,982 Integrated heat spreader for multi-chip packages
38 9,460,866 Method of forming a surface mount component having magnetic layer thereon
39 9,460,773 Fast exit from DRAM self-refresh
40 9,460,768 Cross point array MRAM having spin hall MTJ devices
41 9,460,735 Intelligent ancillary electronic device
42 9,460,552 Method, display adapter and computer program product for improved graphics performance by using a replaceable culling program
43 9,460,543 Techniques for stereo three dimensional image mapping
44 9,460,541 Avatar animation, social networking and touch screen applications
45 9,460,483 Methods, systems and apparatus to manage power consumption of a graphics engine
46 9,460,453 System and method to provide location-based digital signage services
47 9,460,365 Clustered palette compression
48 9,460,338 Face detection method and apparatus with lookup table
49 9,460,040 Method, device and system for aggregation of shared address devices
50 9,460,022 Mechanism for facilitating dynamic and efficient management of translation buffer prefetching in software programs at computing systems
51 9,460,019 Sending packets using optimized PIO write sequences without SFENCEs
52 9,459,985 Bios tracing using a hardware probe
53 9,459,984 Method and systems for external performance monitoring for virtualized environments
54 9,459,949 Methods and apparatus to provide failure detection
55 9,459,915 Execution of software using a virtual processor time counter and a scaling factor
56 9,459,903 Techniques for routing service chain flow packets between virtual machines
57 9,459,874 Instruction set architecture-based inter-sequencer communications with a heterogeneous resource
58 9,459,871 System of improved loop detection and execution
59 9,459,866 Vector frequency compress instruction
60 9,459,865 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for performing a butterfly horizontal and cross add or substract in response to a single instruction
61 9,459,689 Dyanamically adapting a voltage of a clock generation circuit
62 9,459,684 Idle duration reporting for power management
63 9,459,683 Techniques for entering a low power state
64 9,459,677 Fan control during low temperature operations to reduce platform power
65 9,459,664 Portable computing device having a movable stand
66 9,459,280 Using fluid to position a device in a socket for testing
67 9,459,102 Managing navigation changes
68 9,458,283 Flexible underfill compositions for enhanced reliability