Intel patents granted on 04 September 2007

37 US patents granted on 04 September 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,266,849 Deterring unauthorized use of electronic devices
2 7,266,792 Automated noise convergence for cell-based integrated circuit design
3 7,266,743 Combinatorial at-speed scan testing
4 7,266,729 Managing a wireless platform
5 7,266,713 Apparatus and method for adaptation of time synchronization of a plurality of multimedia streams
6 7,266,712 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamically configuring the operating point utilized for thermal management of an integrated circuit
7 7,266,711 System for storing data within a raid system indicating a change in configuration during a suspend mode of a device connected to the raid system
8 7,266,648 Cache lock mechanism with speculative allocation
9 7,266,647 List based method and apparatus for selective and rapid cache flushes
10 7,266,645 Reducing communication for reads and updates in distributed object systems
11 7,266,627 Method and apparatus to couple a rear transition module to a carrier board
12 7,266,626 Method and apparatus for connecting an additional processor to a bus with symmetric arbitration
13 7,266,621 Method and apparatus for high throughput short packet transfers with minimum memory footprint
14 7,266,599 Facilitating location of a network device via a human-sensible location indication
15 7,266,556 Failover architecture for a distributed storage system
16 7,266,555 Methods and apparatus for accessing remote storage through use of a local device
17 7,266,498 Method and apparatus for reducing conflicts between speech-enabled applications sharing speech menu
18 7,266,350 Radio frequency tuner
19 7,266,302 Asymetric optical network traffic flow control
20 7,266,296 Architecture and method for framing control and data bursts over 10 Gbit Ethernet with and without WAN interface sublayer support
21 7,266,295 Modular reconfigurable multi-server system and method for high-speed networking within photonic burst-switched network
22 7,266,258 Two-photon absorption generated carrier lifetime reduction in semiconductor waveguide for semiconductor based raman laser and amplifier
23 7,266,256 High data-rate optical modulator bias circuit
24 7,266,151 Method and system for performing motion estimation using logarithmic search
25 7,266,123 System and method for prioritizing and communicating subscriber voice and data information
26 7,266,018 Reducing sneak currents in virtual ground memory arrays
27 7,265,995 Array capacitors with voids to enable a full-grid socket
28 7,265,979 Cooling integrated circuits using a cold plate with two phase thin film evaporation
29 7,265,745 Compact alphanumeric keyboard
30 7,265,698 Multi-stage digital-to-analog converter
31 7,265,637 Startup/yank circuit for self-biased phase-locked loops
32 7,265,607 Voltage regulator
33 7,265,597 Differential clock correction
34 7,265,431 Imageable bottom anti-reflective coating for high resolution lithography
35 7,265,406 Capacitor with conducting nanostructure
36 7,265,032 Protective layer during scribing
37 7,264,853 Attaching a pellicle frame to a reticle