Intel patents granted on 05 April 2016

59 US patents granted on 05 April 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D753,107 Wearable computing device
2 D753,100 Computing unit
3 9,307,532 Signaling for wireless communications
4 9,307,522 Two-level optimization for cloud spectrum services
5 9,307,517 Systems and methods for location-based multi-band roaming
6 9,307,501 User equipment and method for performing downlink and/or uplink power control
7 9,307,476 User equipment and method for pico-cell attachment and attachment inhibiting
8 9,307,409 Apparatus, system and method of protecting domains of a multimode wireless radio transceiver
9 9,307,408 Secure on-line signup and provisioning of wireless devices
10 9,307,366 Indoor navigation to known points of interest
11 9,307,247 Compression using range coding with virtual sliding window
12 9,307,192 Interactive zooming in video conferencing
13 9,307,188 Method of and apparatus for performing an objective video quality assessment using non-intrusive video frame tracking
14 9,307,166 All-in-focus implementation
15 9,307,056 Methods, systems and apparatuses for direct data frames
16 9,306,934 Trusted service interaction
17 9,306,863 Link transfer, bit error detection and link retry using flit bundles asynchronous to link fabric packets
18 9,306,703 Variable rate coding for enabling high performance communication
19 9,306,628 Mechanism for generating a hybrid communication circuitry for facilitating hybrid communication between devices
20 9,306,598 Compression format for high bandwidth dictionary compression
21 9,306,596 Hybrid CAM assisted deflate decompression accelerator
22 9,306,555 Apparatus and method to achieve CPAD mitigation effects
23 9,306,507 Controller and method for controlling a signal processor
24 9,306,503 Systems and methods for combining power through a transformer
25 9,306,390 Distributed electrostatic discharge protection for an on-package input/output architecture
26 9,306,304 Shielded flat flexible cable connector with grounding
27 9,306,278 Common multi-purpose actuator to control antenna remote electrical tilt, remote azimuth steering and remote azimuth beam-width control
28 9,306,068 Stain compensation in transistors
29 9,306,063 Vertical transistor devices for embedded memory and logic technologies
30 9,305,816 Methods and devices for securing and transporting singulated die in high volume manufacturing
31 9,305,771 Prevention of metal loss in wafer processing
32 9,305,654 Erase and soft program for vertical NAND flash
33 9,305,629 Integrated capacitor based power distribution
34 9,305,613 Reconfigurable load-reduced memory buffer
35 9,305,562 Non main CPU/OS based operational environment
36 9,305,459 Automated driver alert system
37 9,305,368 Compression and decompression of graphics data using pixel region bit values
38 9,305,318 Social network system and method of operation
39 9,305,194 One-touch input interface
40 9,305,183 Method and apparatus for secure execution using a secure memory partition
41 9,305,093 Systems, methods, and computer program products for gesture-based search and discovery through a touchscreen interface
42 9,304,964 Separable transport layer in cache coherent multiple component microelectronic systems
43 9,304,956 Interrupt blocker
44 9,304,940 Processors, methods, and systems to relax synchronization of accesses to shared memory
45 9,304,933 Techniques to request stored data from a memory
46 9,304,922 Inter-queue anti-starvation mechanism with dynamic deadlock avoidance in a retry based pipeline
47 9,304,813 CPU independent graphics scheduler for performing scheduling operations for graphics hardware
48 9,304,811 Methods and systems to identify and migrate threads among system nodes based on system performance metrics
49 9,304,769 Handling precompiled binaries in a hardware accelerated software transactional memory system
50 9,304,768 Cache prefetch for deterministic finite automaton instructions
51 9,304,731 Techniques for rate governing of a display data stream
52 9,304,597 Gesture based human computer interaction
53 9,304,576 Power management for a wearable apparatus
54 9,304,570 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including power and performance workload-based balancing between multiple processing elements
55 9,304,561 Power management in a circuit
56 9,304,526 Reference voltage generating device and method
57 9,304,491 Transparent holographic display with dynamic image control
58 9,304,186 System and method for channel feedback for location time of flight
59 9,302,679 Control panels