Intel patents granted on 05 August 2014

37 US patents granted on 05 August 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,800,052 Timer for hardware protection of virtual machine monitor runtime integrity watcher
2 8,799,902 Priority based throttling for power/performance quality of service
3 8,799,876 Method and apparatus for assigning subroutines
4 8,799,728 On-die logic analyzer for semiconductor die
5 8,799,687 Method, apparatus, and system for energy efficiency and energy conservation including optimizing C-state selection under variable wakeup rates
6 8,799,673 Seamlessly encrypting memory regions to protect against hardware-based attacks
7 8,799,659 Advanced multi-channel watermarking system and method
8 8,799,656 Methods for anonymous authentication and key agreement
9 8,799,620 Linear to physical address translation with support for page attributes
10 8,799,586 Memory mirroring and migration at home agent
11 8,799,582 Extending cache coherency protocols to support locally buffered data
12 8,799,579 Caching for heterogeneous processors
13 8,799,577 Gather and scatter operations in multi-level memory hierarchy
14 8,799,428 Automated provisioning of new networked devices
15 8,799,343 Modular exponentiation with partitioned and scattered storage of Montgomery Multiplication results
16 8,798,681 Combined omni- and directional-communications in high-frequency wireless networks
17 8,798,653 Probabilistic interference mitigation for wireless cellular networks
18 8,798,633 Positioning-assisted cell selection and handover for LTE
19 8,798,630 Femtocell base station
20 8,798,610 Method and apparatus for bearer and server independent parental control on smartphone, managed by the smartphone
21 8,798,573 Monitoring activities of daily living using radio frequency emissions
22 8,798,194 Adaptive compensation of nonlinear frequency distortion in polar transmitters based on a least squares estimation
23 8,798,098 Systems and methods facilitating high throughput control in wireless communications
24 8,798,085 Techniques to process network protocol units
25 8,798,056 Method and system for virtual port communications
26 8,797,987 Network reentry of machine-to-machine devices
27 8,797,323 Shadowing dynamic volumetric media
28 8,797,087 Reference quantity generator
29 8,797,079 Differential delay line, ring oscillator and mobile communication device
30 8,797,075 Low power oversampling with reduced-architecture delay locked loop
31 8,797,053 Positioning and socketing for semiconductor dice
32 8,796,825 Materials, structures and methods for microelectronic packaging
33 8,796,797 Perpendicular spin transfer torque memory (STTM) device with enhanced stability and method to form same
34 8,796,794 Write current reduction in spin transfer torque memory devices
35 8,796,772 Precision resistor for non-planar semiconductor device architecture
36 8,795,523 Device and method for particle complex handling
37 8,795,388 Method, apparatus and system for remote management of mobile devices