Intel patents granted on 05 February 2013

31 US patents granted on 05 February 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,370,719 Persistent moving read reference
2 8,370,704 Cable interconnection techniques
3 8,370,674 Method and apparatus for reducing server power supply size and cost
4 8,370,667 System context saving based on compression/decompression time
5 8,370,660 Method and system for reducing power consumption of active web page content
6 8,370,581 System and method for dynamic data prefetching
7 8,370,559 Executing a protected device model in a virtual machine
8 8,370,558 Apparatus and method to merge and align data from distributed memory controllers
9 8,370,557 Pseudo dual-port SRAM and a shared memory switch using multiple memory banks and a sideband memory
10 8,370,546 Communication station and method for communicating aggregate MAC service data units (A-MSDU) under a block acknowledge agreement
11 8,370,525 Transmitting new data format under existing infrastructure
12 8,370,508 Method, system and apparatus for main memory access subsystem usage to different partitions in a socket with sub-socket partitioning
13 8,370,323 Providing information services related to multimodal inputs
14 8,370,274 Apparatuses and methods for deterministic pattern matching
15 8,369,796 Multi-band tunable frequency reconfigurable antennas using higher order resonances
16 8,369,790 Communication overhead reduction apparatus, systems, and methods
17 8,369,351 Method and apparatus for collision avoidance
18 8,369,303 Techniques for uplink multi-user MIMO MAC support
19 8,369,277 Signaling for wireless communications
20 8,369,254 Network interface apparatus
21 8,368,711 Methods and apparatus to provide dynamic messaging services
22 8,368,601 Multiprotocol antenna structure and method for synthesizing a multiprotocol antenna pattern
23 8,368,501 Integrated inductors
24 8,368,385 Methods and systems to detect voltage changes within integrated circuits
25 8,368,369 Single-bound hysteretic regulation of switched-capacitor converters
26 8,368,171 Methods of forming electromigration and thermal gradient based fuse structures
27 8,368,135 Field effect transistor with narrow bandgap source and drain regions and method of fabrication
28 8,368,052 Techniques for forming contacts to quantum well transistors
29 8,367,017 Methods for uniform metal impregnation into a nanoporous material
30 8,366,982 Differential pressure underfill process and equipment
31 8,365,983 Radio-frequency reconfigurations of microelectronic systems in commercial packages