Intel patents granted on 05 July 2011

20 US patents granted on 05 July 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,975,272 Thread queuing method and apparatus
2 7,975,263 Method and apparatus for generating run time profiles for program compilation
3 7,975,250 Allocation of combined or separate data and control planes
4 7,975,161 Reducing CPU and bus power when running in power-save modes
5 7,975,158 Noise reduction method by implementing certain port-to-port delay
6 7,975,129 Selective hardware lock disabling
7 7,975,040 Systems and methods for virtualizing functions and decentralizing service delivery in a flat network of interconnected personal devices
8 7,974,416 Providing a secure execution mode in a pre-boot environment
9 7,974,312 Compressed medium access control (MAC) header structure for MAC overhead reduction in mobile worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) systems
10 7,974,258 Adaptive mode transmitter for PAPR reduction and link optimization
11 7,974,242 Device, system, and method of channel quality indication
12 7,974,225 Providing extended range modes as part of the 802.11n standard
13 7,974,178 Pilot method for 802.16m
14 7,974,174 Transformer for determining the state of a variable resistive layer in a material stack
15 7,974,027 Plane waves to control critical dimension
16 7,973,518 Low noise voltage regulator
17 7,973,407 Three-dimensional stacked substrate arrangements
18 7,973,389 Isolated tri-gate transistor fabricated on bulk substrate
19 7,972,909 Guard ring extension to prevent reliability failures
20 7,971,347 Method of interconnecting workpieces