Intel patents granted on 05 July 2016

76 US patents granted on 05 July 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D760,713 Tablet computer
2 D760,712 Curved laptop and tablet device
3 9,386,690 First and second differential interconnects having interleaved stub traces
4 9,386,617 Discovery and operation of hybrid wireless wide area and wireless local area networks
5 9,386,608 Time division duplex (TDD) uplink downlink (UL-DL) reconfiguration
6 9,386,571 Switching discontinuous reception parameters
7 9,386,515 User preference and network policy based radio link selection
8 9,386,512 Techniques for energy efficient WiFi neighbor awareness network operation
9 9,386,496 Apparatus, system and method of multiband wireless communication
10 9,386,487 Determination of enhanced physical downlink control channel candidates in a wireless communication network
11 9,386,486 Machine type communication monitoring framework for 3GPP systems
12 9,386,481 Method, apparatus and system of managing an encoder output rate based upon wireless communication link feedback
13 9,386,476 Transmission of physical broadcast channel (PBCH) contents
14 9,386,472 AP location query
15 9,386,311 Motion estimation methods for residual prediction
16 9,386,289 Automatic white balancing with chromaticity measure of raw image data
17 9,386,275 Interactive video conferencing
18 9,386,272 Technologies for audiovisual communication using interestingness algorithms
19 9,386,268 Communication using interactive avatars
20 9,386,265 Content adaptive telecine and interlace reverser
21 9,386,257 Apparatus, system and method of controlling wireless transmission of video streams
22 9,385,962 Method and system for flexible credit exchange within high performance fabrics
23 9,385,926 Service template generation and deployment based on service level agreement requirements
24 9,385,905 Block-based time-frequency interleaving and de-interleaving
25 9,385,816 Methods and arrangements for frequency shift communications by undersampling
26 9,385,807 Light wave communication
27 9,385,804 Transmission unit and a method for transmitting data
28 9,385,791 Signaling for configuration of downlink coordinated multipoint communications
29 9,385,728 Integrated clock differential buffering
30 9,385,722 Voltage level shifter circuit
31 9,385,698 Pulse width modulator for high speed digitally controlled voltage regulator
32 9,385,457 Connector assembly and method
33 9,385,444 Lateral slide pick and place cover for reduced bent pins in LGA sockets
34 9,385,221 Nanowire transistor with underlayer etch stops
35 9,385,180 Semiconductor device structures and methods of forming semiconductor structures
36 9,385,105 Semiconductor devices
37 9,385,094 Apparatus, system, and method for wireless connection in integrated circuit packages
38 9,385,085 Interconnects with fully clad lines
39 9,385,082 Method of forming high density, high shorting margin, and low capacitance interconnects by alternating recessed trenches
40 9,385,033 Method of forming a metal from a cobalt metal precursor
41 9,384,995 Tungsten salicide gate source for vertical NAND string to control on current and cell pillar fabrication
42 9,384,831 Cross-point memory single-selection write technique
43 9,384,821 Row hammer monitoring based on stored row hammer threshold value
44 9,384,801 Threshold voltage expansion
45 9,384,709 Techniques, apparatus, system and method for improved display calibration
46 9,384,539 Method and device for processing digital image, and computer-readable recording medium
47 9,384,385 Face recognition using gradient based feature analysis
48 9,384,368 Instruction and logic for mid-level caching of random numbers distributed to multiple units
49 9,384,367 Measuring platform components with a single trusted platform module
50 9,384,352 Trusted boot and runtime operation
51 9,384,351 Method and apparatus for implementing a secure boot using multiple firmware sources
52 9,384,331 Device, system and method of wirelessly delivering content
53 9,384,164 Mapping memory controller connectors to memory connectors
54 9,384,163 Non-linear termination for an on-package input/output architecture
55 9,384,161 Method for data throughput improvement in open core protocol based interconnection networks using dynamically selectable redundant shared link physical paths
56 9,384,154 Method to emulate message signaled interrupts with multiple interrupt vectors
57 9,384,148 Detection of unauthorized memory modification and access using transactional memory
58 9,384,132 Emulated message signaled interrupts in a virtualization environment
59 9,384,076 Allocating machine check architecture banks
60 9,384,039 Parallel memory migration
61 9,384,037 Memory object reference count management with improved scalability
62 9,384,025 Traffic and/or workload processing
63 9,384,015 Techniques for dynamically redirecting device driver operations to user space
64 9,384,010 Dynamic core swapping
65 9,384,009 Dynamic core swapping
66 9,383,998 MFENCE and LFENCE micro-architectural implementation method and system
67 9,383,997 Apparatus, system, and method for persistent user-level thread
68 9,383,966 Number squaring computer-implemented method and apparatus
69 9,383,932 Data coherency model and protocol at cluster level
70 9,383,813 Dynamic control of reduced voltage state of graphics controller component of memory controller
71 9,383,812 Method and apparatus for efficient store/restore of state information during a power state
72 9,383,803 Priority based application event control (PAEC) to reduce power consumption
73 9,383,798 Platform and processor power management
74 9,383,790 Internal communication interconnect scalability
75 9,383,517 Alternate coupling of devices via multiple branches of a waveguide
76 9,380,855 System and method for generating and using a wearable device profile