Intel patents granted on 05 June 2012

29 US patents granted on 05 June 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,196,009 Systems, methods, and apparatuses to transfer data and data mask bits in a common frame with a shared error bit code
2 8,195,996 Apparatuses, systems and methods for detecting errors in data streams on point-to-point serial links
3 8,195,968 System and method for power reduction by sequestering at least one device or partition in a platform from operating system access
4 8,195,914 Mechanism for remapping post virtual machine memory pages
5 8,195,898 Hybrid transactions for low-overhead speculative parallelization
6 8,195,891 Techniques to perform power fail-safe caching without atomic metadata
7 8,195,660 Method and apparatus to reorder search results in view of identified information of interest
8 8,195,221 Loop delay compensation for continuous time sigma delta analog to digital converter
9 8,195,146 Remote management over a wireless wide-area network using short message service
10 8,195,001 In-loop adaptive wiener filter for video coding and decoding
11 8,194,854 Method and apparatus for optimizing advanced encryption standard (AES) encryption and decryption in parallel modes of operation
12 8,194,811 Clock repeater and phase-error correcting circuit
13 8,194,798 MIMO symbol decoder and method for decoding spatially multiplexed symbols using combined linear equalization and maximum likelihood decoding
14 8,194,777 Apparatus and associated methods to perform space-frequency interleaving in a multicarrier wireless communication channel
15 8,194,769 GERAN transceiver and method for cooperative channel encoding across multiple GERAN tonal carriers
16 8,194,699 Radio scheduler and data plane interface
17 8,194,687 Access point configured for station group management and method for managing station-management groups
18 8,194,543 Methods of data traffic shaping, apparatus and wireless device
19 8,194,448 Technique to reduce FG-FG interference in multi bit NAND flash memory in case of adjacent pages not fully programmed
20 8,194,244 Solution sample plate with wells designed for improved Raman scattering signal detection efficiency
21 8,193,994 Millimeter-wave chip-lens array antenna systems for wireless networks
22 8,193,858 Setting an output level of an amplifier apparatus
23 8,193,641 Recessed workfunction metal in CMOS transistor gates
24 8,193,593 Multi-layer gate dielectric
25 8,193,567 Process for integrating planar and non-planar CMOS transistors on a bulk substrate and article made thereby
26 8,193,523 Germanium-based quantum well devices
27 8,193,072 Semiconductor wafer coat layers and methods therefor
28 8,193,049 Methods of channel stress engineering and structures formed thereby
29 8,191,793 Method and system of advanced fan speed control