Intel patents granted on 05 October 2010

30 US patents granted on 05 October 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,810,086 Safe code-motion of dangerous instructions during compiler optimization
2 7,810,083 Mechanism to emulate user-level multithreading on an OS-sequestered sequencer
3 7,810,013 Memory device that reflects back error detection signals
4 7,809,969 Using asymmetric lanes dynamically in a multi-lane serial link
5 7,809,957 Trusted platform module for generating sealed data
6 7,809,939 Trusted point-to-point communication over open bus
7 7,809,903 Coordinating access to memory locations for hardware transactional memory transactions and software transactional memory transactions
8 7,809,856 Prioritizing data transfers over data buses
9 7,809,843 Globally unique identification in communications protocols and databases
10 7,809,836 System and method for automating bios firmware image recovery using a non-host processor and platform policy to select a donor system
11 7,809,404 MIMO passive channel emulator
12 7,809,394 Transmit power control in a wireless system
13 7,809,355 Techniques for identification of connected and idle mode users in wireless networks
14 7,809,161 Method and apparatus for three-dimensional tracking of infra-red beacons
15 7,809,155 Computing a higher resolution image from multiple lower resolution images using model-base, robust Bayesian estimation
16 7,809,068 Integrated circuit capable of independently operating a plurality of communication channels
17 7,809,055 Recursive equalization matrix for multiple input multiple output systems
18 7,809,013 Channel scanning
19 7,808,895 Isochronous device communication management
20 7,808,845 Methods and systems to write to soft error upset tolerant latches
21 7,808,797 Microelectronic substrate including embedded components and spacer layer and method of forming same
22 7,808,579 Display using light guide and refractive index control
23 7,808,283 Synchronous frequency synthesizer
24 7,808,058 Method of forming a transistor having gate protection and transistor formed according to the method
25 7,808,053 Method, apparatus, and system for flash memory
26 7,808,024 Ferroelectric polymer memory module
27 7,807,573 Laser assisted chemical vapor deposition for backside die marking and structures formed thereby
28 7,807,319 Photomask including contrast enhancement layer and method of making same
29 7,806,938 Security power control
30 7,805,955 Using refrigeration and heat pipe for electronics cooling applications