Intel patents granted on 06 August 2013

27 US patents granted on 06 August 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,504,993 Virtualization of micro-code patches for probe less debug
2 8,504,807 Rotate instructions that complete execution without reading carry flag
3 8,504,804 Managing multiple threads in a single pipeline
4 8,504,802 Compressed instruction format
5 8,504,795 Method, system, and program for utilizing a virtualized data structure table
6 8,504,693 Method and apparatus for operating system streaming
7 8,504,525 Data management of aggregrated devices through a television platform
8 8,503,678 Suppressing power supply noise using data scrambling in double data rate memory systems
9 8,503,562 Method and apparatus to select coding mode
10 8,503,512 Method of generating an index value
11 8,503,472 Partial bandwidth request techniques in wireless networks
12 8,503,377 Methods for multi-band wireless communication and bandwidth management
13 8,503,359 Use of delayed clear-to-send and denial-to-send in directional wireless networks
14 8,502,706 Bit allocation for encoding track information
15 8,502,704 Method, apparatus, and system of stabilizing a mobile gesture user-interface
16 8,502,650 Temporary non-responsive state for RFID tags
17 8,502,615 Jumpless phase modulation in a polar modulation environment
18 8,502,612 Method and apparatus for determining within-die and across-die variation of analog circuits
19 8,502,598 Digitally-scalable transformer combining power amplifier
20 8,502,582 Adaptive digital phase locked loop
21 8,502,400 Methods and apparatuses to stiffen integrated circuit package
22 8,502,351 Nonplanar device with thinned lower body portion and method of fabrication
23 8,502,293 Capacitor with recessed plate portion for dynamic random access memory (DRAM) and method to form the same
24 8,501,508 Method of forming quantum well mosfet channels having uni-axial strains caused by metal source/drains
25 8,500,979 Nanogap chemical and biochemical sensors
26 8,499,630 Piezoelectric sensor dynamic range improvement
27 8,499,426 Methods of making thin film capacitors