Intel patents granted on 06 December 2011

24 US patents granted on 06 December 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 8,074,274 User-level privilege management
2 8,074,262 Method and apparatus for migrating virtual trusted platform modules
3 8,074,131 Generic debug external connection (GDXC) for high integration integrated circuits
4 8,074,110 Enhancing reliability of a many-core processor
5 8,074,039 Redundant array of independent disks-related operations
6 8,074,026 Scatter-gather intelligent memory architecture for unstructured streaming data on multiprocessor systems
7 8,074,025 Method and system for copying live entities of source blocks identified by source list for selected destination block to selected destination block of memory heap
8 8,074,017 On-disk caching for raid systems
9 8,073,981 PCI express enhancements and extensions
10 8,073,896 Client messaging in multicast networks
11 8,073,892 Cryptographic system, method and multiplier
12 8,072,946 Coordinated transmissions in wireless networks
13 8,072,941 Method and apparatus of system scheduler
14 8,072,912 Techniques for management of shared resources in wireless multi-communication devices
15 8,072,875 Avoiding collisions between users if MAP containing persistent scheduling information is lost
16 8,072,510 Audio-based attention grabber for imaging devices
17 8,072,496 Motion smoothing in video stabilization
18 8,072,451 Efficient Z testing
19 8,072,443 Techniques to switch between video display modes
20 8,072,022 Apparatus and methods for improved flash cell characteristics
21 8,072,016 EPI substrate with low doped EPI layer and high doped Si substrate layer for media growth on EPI and low contact resistance to back-side substrate
22 8,071,983 Semiconductor device structures and methods of forming semiconductor structures
23 8,071,279 Plane waves to control critical dimension
24 8,070,928 Nanofabricated structures for electric field-assisted nucleic acid extraction