Intel patents granted on 06 March 2012

28 US patents granted on 06 March 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,132,267 Apparatus and method to harden computer system
2 8,132,255 Generating a challenge response image including a recognizable image
3 8,132,172 Thread scheduling on multiprocessor systems
4 8,132,087 Forward error correction mapping and de-mapping techniques
5 8,132,085 Method and apparatus for frame control header decoding using cyclic shifting of bits
6 8,132,074 Reliability, availability, and serviceability solutions for memory technology
7 8,132,061 Repair bits for a low voltage cache
8 8,132,018 Techniques for password attack mitigation
9 8,132,003 Secure platform voucher service for software components within an execution environment
10 8,131,989 Method and apparatus for establishing safe processor operating points
11 8,131,944 Using criticality information to route cache coherency communications
12 8,131,940 Methods and apparatuses to support memory transactions using partial physical addresses
13 8,131,921 Command suspension in response, at least in part, to detected acceleration and/or orientation change
14 8,131,534 Emulating a host architecture in guest firmware
15 8,131,306 Wireless access network and method for allocating data subcarriers within a downlink subframe based on grouping of user stations
16 8,131,065 Method and apparatus for obtaining and processing image features
17 8,130,960 Method and apparatus for providing seamless file system encryption from a pre-boot environment into a firmware interface aware operating system
18 8,130,939 Maintaining convergence of a receiver during changing conditions
19 8,130,702 OFDMA based communication system
20 8,130,576 Memory throughput increase via fine granularity of precharge management
21 8,130,496 Device and method for mitigating radio frequency interference
22 8,129,971 Multi-cell voltage regulator
23 8,129,823 Materials, structures and methods for microelectronic packaging
24 8,129,795 Inducing strain in the channels of metal gate transistors
25 8,129,767 Ferroelectric polymer memory module
26 8,129,749 Double quantum well structures for transistors
27 8,129,223 Nanotube modified solder thermal intermediate structure, systems, and methods
28 8,127,979 Electrolytic depositon and via filling in coreless substrate processing