Intel patents granted on 06 May 2008

37 US patents granted on 06 May 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,370,352 Techniques for storing and retrieving security information corresponding to cryptographic operations to support cryptographic processing for multiple network traffic streams
2 7,370,348 Technique and apparatus for processing cryptographic services of data in a network system
3 7,370,324 Switching between a service virtual machine and a guest virtual machine in a virtual machine monitor environment
4 7,370,249 Method and apparatus for testing a memory array
5 7,370,247 Dynamic offset compensation based on false transitions
6 7,370,231 Method of handling errors
7 7,370,217 Regulating file system device access
8 7,370,215 Method and apparatus of self-powering down ATA devices
9 7,370,189 Method and apparatus for establishing safe processor operating points in connection with a secure boot
10 7,370,188 Input/output scanning
11 7,370,181 Single stepping a virtual machine guest using a reorder buffer
12 7,370,175 System, method, and apparatus to aggregate heterogeneous RAID sets
13 7,370,174 Method, system, and program for addressing pages of memory by an I/O device
14 7,370,160 Virtualizing memory type
15 7,370,137 Inter-domain data mover for a memory-to-memory copy engine
16 7,370,135 Band configuration agent for link based computing system
17 7,370,128 Expander device capable of communication protocol translation
18 7,370,125 Stream under-run/over-run recovery
19 7,370,117 Communication system and method for communicating frames of management information in a multi-station network
20 7,370,111 System, protocol and related methods for providing secure manageability
21 7,370,026 Method and apparatus for providing personalized supplemental programming
22 7,369,856 Method and system to support fast hand-over of mobile subscriber stations in broadband wireless networks
23 7,369,718 Package substrate pattern to accommodate optical waveguide
24 7,369,697 Process variable of interest monitoring and control
25 7,369,661 Method and apparatus for detection of loss of cipher synchronization
26 7,369,634 Training pattern for a biased clock recovery tracking loop
27 7,369,603 Compensating for spectral attenuation
28 7,369,548 Communicating information using a configurable protocol
29 7,369,532 Apparatus and method for an audio channel switching wireless device
30 7,368,955 Current-balanced logic circuit
31 7,368,897 Load adaptive power converter
32 7,368,808 MEMS packaging using a non-silicon substrate for encapsulation and interconnection
33 7,368,791 Multi-gate carbon nano-tube transistors
34 7,368,781 Contactless flash memory array
35 7,368,020 Reduced particle contamination manufacturing and packaging for reticles
36 7,368,012 Methods and apparatuses for a dynamic growing of single-crystal thin-film composed of organic materials
37 7,367,195 Application and removal of thermal interface material