Intel patents granted on 06 November 2012

27 US patents granted on 06 November 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,307,439 Add-in card based cheat detection platform for online applications
2 8,307,419 System and method for regulating communications to or from an application
3 8,307,265 Interconnection techniques
4 8,307,234 Maintaining connectivity during low power operation
5 8,307,226 Method, apparatus, and system for reducing leakage power consumption
6 8,307,175 Data recovery and overwrite independent of operating system
7 8,307,144 Use of completer knowledge of memory region ordering requirements to modify transaction attributes
8 8,307,105 Message communication techniques
9 8,307,013 Method for attaching geographical tag to digital data and method for providing geographical name information for geotagging
10 8,306,798 Fluid dynamics simulator
11 8,306,581 Sleep optimization for mobile devices in a wireless network
12 8,306,483 Method and system for improving wireless link robustness using spatial diversity
13 8,306,359 Method, terminal, and computer-readable recording medium for trimming a piece of image content
14 8,306,144 Scalable system to adaptively transmit and receive including adaptive antenna signal and back-end processors
15 8,306,055 Method and system to support wireless multicast transmission
16 8,306,010 Systems and methods for uplink multi-user multiple input multiple output (MU MIMO) medium access and error recovery
17 8,305,966 Femto backhaul fault detection and recovery
18 8,305,953 Narrowband transmissions using a plurality of antennas
19 8,305,947 Minimizing power consumption in a network device
20 8,305,883 Transparent failover support through pragmatically truncated progress engine and reversed complementary connection establishment in multifabric MPI implementation
21 8,305,824 Memory power delivery noise suppression
22 8,305,172 Toggle switch with magnetic mechanical and electrical control
23 8,305,112 Power reducing logic and non-destructive latch circuits and applications
24 8,304,913 Methods of forming fully embedded bumpless build-up layer packages and structures formed thereby
25 8,304,909 IC solder reflow method and materials
26 8,304,849 Apparatus to send biological fluids through a printed wire board
27 8,304,807 Low-capacitance electrostatic discharge protection diodes