Intel patents granted on 06 October 2015

56 US patents granted on 06 October 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,155,097 Methods and arrangements for beam refinement in a wireless network
2 9,155,088 Delivery edge profile aggregation
3 9,155,082 Interference mitigation in the context of heterogeneous networks with coordinated transmission points with a common transmission point identity
4 9,155,046 Optimizing semi-active workloads
5 9,154,978 Coverage adjustment in E-UTRA networks
6 9,154,959 Systems and methods for securing near field communications
7 9,154,442 Concurrent linked-list traversal for real-time hash processing in multi-core, multi-thread network processors
8 9,154,421 Network based data traffic detection and control
9 9,154,279 Uplink coordinated multi-point
10 9,154,267 Sounding reference signal (SRS) mechanism for intracell device-to-device (D2D) communication
11 9,154,264 Device, system and method of wireless communication between circuits
12 9,154,251 Signaling for downlink coordinated multipoint in a wireless communication system
13 9,154,201 Adaptation techniques in MIMO
14 9,154,169 Fractional symbol based phase noise mitigation
15 9,154,168 Signal peak-to-average power ratio (PAR) reduction
16 9,154,157 Search unit to accelerate variable length compression/decompression
17 9,154,078 Device, system and method of wireless communication over a plurality of wireless communication frequency channels
18 9,154,026 Bridge driver for a switching voltage regulator which is operable to soft-switch and hard-switch
19 9,153,671 Techniques for forming non-planar germanium quantum well devices
20 9,153,583 III-V layers for N-type and P-type MOS source-drain contacts
21 9,153,552 Bumpless build-up layer package including an integrated heat spreader
22 9,153,547 Integrated inductor structure and method of fabrication
23 9,153,477 Directed self assembly of block copolymers to form vias aligned with interconnects
24 9,153,320 Programming memory cells using a program pulse
25 9,153,296 Methods and apparatuses for dynamic memory termination
26 9,153,201 Real-time order-independent transparent rendering
27 9,153,077 Systems and methods for collecting vehicle evidence
28 9,153,064 Grouping pixels to be textured
29 9,153,008 Caching for reduced depth and/or color buffer bandwidth
30 9,152,819 Cloud based real time app privacy dashboard
31 9,152,793 Methods, systems and apparatus to self authorize platform code
32 9,152,777 Electronic authentication document system and method
33 9,152,673 Non-deterministic finite automaton (NFA) overflow recovery that ejects an end of scan set of active states into a buffer
34 9,152,663 Fast approach to finding minimum and maximum values in a large data set using SIMD instruction set architecture
35 9,152,596 Architected protocol for changing link operating mode
36 9,152,572 Translation lookaside buffer for multiple context compute engine
37 9,152,564 Early cache eviction in a multi-flow network processor architecture
38 9,152,561 Maintaining processor resources during architectural events
39 9,152,473 Table driven multiple passive trip platform passive thermal management
40 9,152,440 User events/behaviors and perceptual computing system emulation
41 9,152,432 System and method to accelerate access to network data using a networking unit accessible non-volatile storage
42 9,152,428 Alternative boot path support for utilizing non-volatile memory devices
43 9,152,420 Bitstream buffer manipulation with a SIMD merge instruction
44 9,152,419 Instruction set for supporting wide scalar pattern matches
45 9,152,417 Expediting execution time memory aliasing checking
46 9,152,382 Reducing power consumption in a fused multiply-add (FMA) unit responsive to input data values
47 9,152,306 Techniques for touch and non-touch user interaction input
48 9,152,257 Low swing voltage mode driver
49 9,152,218 Framework for runtime power monitoring and management
50 9,152,205 Mechanism for facilitating faster suspend/resume operations in computing systems
51 9,152,190 Collapsible chimney for electronic device
52 9,152,183 Locking mechanism for hinge assembly
53 9,152,022 Techniques for adjusting a projected image
54 9,151,679 Temperature measurement in electronic devices
55 9,150,402 MEMS devices utilizing a thick metal layer of an interconnect metal film stack
56 9,149,236 Assessment and management of emotional state of a vehicle operator