Intel patents granted on 06 September 2016

77 US patents granted on 06 September 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,439,208 Scheduling requests for wireless communication devices running background applications
2 9,439,206 Method for controlling measurements in a wireless telecommunications terminal
3 9,439,148 Methods and arrangements for channel access in wireless networks
4 9,439,147 Mechanisms of reducing power consumption for NAN devices
5 9,439,144 Systems and methods for reducing power consumption
6 9,439,134 System acquisition mechanism for fixed devices in mobile broadband networks
7 9,439,095 Hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ) mapping for carrier aggregation (CA)
8 9,439,084 Techniques and configurations associated with operation of an evolved node B at multiple coverage enhancement levels
9 9,439,069 Subscriber identity module provider apparatus for over-the-air provisioning of subscriber identity module containers and methods
10 9,439,056 Secure sharing of device voice and data services with fee based policies
11 9,439,047 Method for paging-based delgate indication for M2M group
12 9,439,028 Method and apparatus for mouse with integrated mass memory
13 9,438,932 Method and system for generating side information at a video encoder to differentiate packet data
14 9,438,918 Frame level rate control using motion estimated distortions
15 9,438,916 Analytics assisted encoding
16 9,438,883 Quality of experience reporting for combined unicast-multicast/broadcast streaming of media content
17 9,438,658 Streaming with coordination of video orientation (CVO)
18 9,438,499 Approximation of the physical location of devices and transitive device discovery through the sharing of neighborhood information using wireless or wired discovery mechanisms
19 9,438,465 Determining the context of a computing device
20 9,438,451 CSI-RS antenna ports extension and 3D codebook design
21 9,438,422 Chaotic-based synchronization for secure network communications
22 9,438,404 Group resource allocation systems and techniques
23 9,438,351 Adjustable delayer, method for delaying an input signal and polar transmitter
24 9,438,317 Card detect architecture for near field communications
25 9,438,287 Apparatus and method for mitigating loss of signal content
26 9,438,286 Accurate desensitization estimation of a receiver
27 9,438,283 Baseband time domain cancellation of data bus interference
28 9,438,265 Phase multiplexer
29 9,438,259 Circuit, an integrated circuit, a transmitter, a receiver, a transceiver, a method for generating a processed oscillator signal, an apparatus for generating a processed oscillator signal, and software-related implementations
30 9,438,219 Hybrid digital pulse width modulation (PWM) based on phases of a system clock
31 9,438,179 Amplifier apparatus and soft-start method thereof
32 9,438,178 Mixer impairment correction based on volterra series
33 9,438,172 Digital multi-level envelope tracking for wide-bandwidth signals
34 9,437,934 Device including reflective element to reflect directional wireless signals impinging thereon in a direction away from the device
35 9,437,808 Electric field enhanced spin transfer torque memory (STTM) device
36 9,437,710 Method for improving transistor performance through reducing the salicide interface resistance
37 9,437,706 Method of fabricating metal-insulator-semiconductor tunneling contacts using conformal deposition and thermal growth processes
38 9,437,691 Column IV transistors for PMOS integration
39 9,437,569 High density substrate routing in BBUL package
40 9,437,546 Method of forming stacked trench contacts and structures formed thereby
41 9,437,545 Interconnects having sealing structures to enable selective metal capping layers
42 9,437,468 Heat assisted handling of highly warped substrates post temporary bonding
43 9,437,298 Self-storing and self-restoring non-volatile static random access memory
44 9,437,293 Integrated setback read with reduced snapback disturb
45 9,437,201 Advanced watermarking system and method
46 9,437,001 Tracking objects in bowl-shaped imaging systems
47 9,436,982 Scalable rank filter
48 9,436,972 System coherency in a distributed graphics processor hierarchy
49 9,436,931 Remote prompting infrastructure
50 9,436,847 Cryptographic pointer address encoding
51 9,436,839 Tokenization using multiple reversible transformations
52 9,436,838 Secure local web application data manager
53 9,436,819 Securely pairing computing devices
54 9,436,812 Platform-hardened digital rights management key provisioning
55 9,436,651 Method and apparatus for managing application state in a network interface controller in a high performance computing system
56 9,436,632 Accessing data stored in a command/address register device
57 9,436,623 Run-time fabric reconfiguration
58 9,436,622 Broadcasting communications over an advertising channel
59 9,436,605 Cache coherency apparatus and method minimizing memory writeback operations
60 9,436,576 Methods, systems and apparatus to capture error conditions in lightweight virtual machine managers
61 9,436,469 Methods to optimize a program loop via vector instructions using a shuffle table and a mask store table
62 9,436,468 Technique for setting a vector mask
63 9,436,435 Apparatus and method for vector instructions for large integer arithmetic
64 9,436,433 Method, apparatus and instructions for parallel data conversions
65 9,436,431 Anonymously tailoring environments to the preferences of physically proximate users
66 9,436,295 Alternate dynamic keyboard for convertible tablet computers
67 9,436,269 Automatically adjusting display areas to reduce power consumption
68 9,436,262 Mobile systems with seamless transition by activating second subsystem to continue operation of application executed by first subsystem as it enters sleep mode
69 9,436,254 Method and apparatus for per core performance states
70 9,436,251 Fast platform hibernation and resumption of computing systems
71 9,436,245 Dynamically computing an electrical design point (EDP) for a multicore processor
72 9,436,244 Adaptive control loop protection for fast and robust recovery from low-power states in high speed serial I/O applications
73 9,436,240 Electronic device having an active edge
74 9,435,967 Optical connection techniques and configurations
75 9,435,655 Coordinated crowd dispersal navigation
76 9,434,135 Panel with releasable core
77 9,434,029 High performance transient uniform cooling solution for thermal compression bonding process