Intel patents granted on 07 April 2015

31 US patents granted on 07 April 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 RE45,458 Dual function system and method for shuffling packed data elements
2 9,003,421 Acceleration threads on idle OS-visible thread execution units
3 9,003,375 Optional logging of debug activities in a real time instruction tracing log
4 9,003,246 Functional memory array testing with a transaction-level test engine
5 9,003,236 System and method for correct execution of software based on baseline and real time information
6 9,003,210 Dynamic voltage transitions
7 9,003,209 Efficient integrated switching voltage regulator comprising switches coupled to bridge drivers to provide regulated power supply to power domains
8 9,003,170 Bit range isolation instructions, methods, and apparatus
9 9,003,164 Providing hardware support for shared virtual memory between local and remote physical memory
10 9,003,126 Apparatus, system and method for adaptive cache replacement in a non-volatile main memory system
11 9,002,914 Method, apparatus and instructions for parallel data conversions
12 9,002,339 Consumption and capture of media content sensed from remote perspectives
13 9,002,310 IP2 calibration methods and techniques
14 9,002,281 Apparatus and method to enable device-to-device (D2D) communication in cellular networks
15 9,002,052 Method, server, and computer-readable recording medium for assisting multiple users to perform collection simultaneously
16 9,001,879 Apparatus, system and method of beam selection for beamformed diversity wireless communication
17 9,001,806 Method and apparatus for managing a probe response related to wireless medium access control
18 9,001,783 Dual base stations for wireless communications systems
19 9,001,759 Base station and method for resource allocation in a 3GPP LTE network
20 9,001,738 Message generating arrangement
21 9,001,721 Device, system and method of power management in a wireless area network
22 9,001,636 Method for signaling information by modifying modulation constellations
23 9,001,608 Coordinating power mode switching and refresh operations in a memory device
24 9,001,520 Microelectronic structures having laminated or embedded glass routing structures for high density packaging
25 9,001,138 2-D gather instruction and a 2-D cache
26 9,000,998 Tri-column adjustable azimuth beam width antenna for wireless network
27 9,000,843 Power management in transceivers
28 9,000,599 Multichip integration with through silicon via (TSV) die embedded in package
29 9,000,577 Interlayer communications for 3D integrated circuit stack
30 8,999,765 Methods to prevent filler entrapment in microelectronic device to microelectronic substrate interconnection structures
31 8,999,724 Method and apparatus for match quality analysis of analyte binding