Intel patents granted on 07 August 2007

20 US patents granted on 07 August 2007 and assigned to Intel

1 7,254,803 Test structures for feature fidelity improvement
2 7,254,744 BIOS for saving and restoring operational state in the absence of AC power
3 7,254,730 Method and apparatus for a user to interface with a mobile computing device
4 7,254,728 Power saving circuit having a keeper stage to hold a signal line in a weakly held state
5 7,254,708 Apparatus and method for wireless device set-up and authentication using audio authentication.sub.–information
6 7,254,707 Platform and method for remote attestation of a platform
7 7,254,703 Methods and apparatus for acquiring and displaying expansion read only memory size information
8 7,254,681 Cache victim sector tag buffer
9 7,254,676 Processor cache memory as RAM for execution of boot code
10 7,254,454 Future capture of block matching clip
11 7,254,165 Re-configurable decoding in modem receivers
12 7,254,133 Prevention of denial of service attacks
13 7,254,056 Apparatus for optically pre-programming electrically-programmable phase-change memory devices
14 7,253,939 Superconductor-based modulator for extreme ultraviolet (EUV)
15 7,253,523 Reworkable thermal interface material
16 7,253,088 Stress-relief layers and stress-compensation collars with low-temperature solders for board-level joints, and processes of making same
17 7,252,877 Polymer matrices for polymer solder hybrid materials
18 7,252,854 Method and apparatus for applying a gel
19 7,252,537 Electromagnetic coupler registration and mating
20 7,251,880 Method and structure for identifying lead-free solder