Intel patents granted on 07 August 2012

29 US patents granted on 07 August 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,239,963 Method of protecting a password from unauthorized access and data processing unit
2 8,239,933 Network protecting authentication proxy
3 8,239,737 Data line storage and transmission utilizing both error correcting code and synchronization information
4 8,239,723 HARQ timing control in wireless communication systems
5 8,239,699 Method and apparatus for performing energy-efficient network packet processing in a multi processor core system
6 8,239,698 System and method for maintaining connectivity to remote application servers
7 8,239,667 Switching between multiple operating systems (OSes) using sleep state management and sequestered re-baseable memory
8 8,239,659 Vector completion mask handling
9 8,239,613 Hybrid memory device
10 8,239,585 Systems and methods for improved hardware device connectivity
11 8,239,568 Creation of valid packets by an alert sending device
12 8,239,561 System and method for locating and capturing desired media content from media broadcasts
13 8,238,456 Techniques to time vary pilot locations in wireless networks
14 8,238,360 Header replication in accelerated TCP (transport control protocol) stack processing
15 8,238,323 OFDMA cellular network and method for mitigating interference
16 8,238,316 802.11 very high throughput preamble signaling field with legacy compatibility
17 8,238,313 Techniques for wireless personal area network communications with efficient spatial reuse
18 8,238,279 Network controller wake on communications request
19 8,238,274 Device, system, and method of wireless beamforming calibration
20 8,238,239 Packet flow control
21 8,238,233 Maintaining network services across multiple physical interfaces
22 8,238,189 Common memory device for variable device width and scalable pre-fetch and page size
23 8,237,870 Receiver system for multiple bandwidth television channels
24 8,237,728 Methods, systems, and data structures for generating a rasterizer
25 8,237,726 Register allocation for message sends in graphics processing pipelines
26 8,237,695 Codec control
27 8,237,234 Transistor gate electrode having conductor material layer
28 8,237,153 Forming a non-planar transistor having a quantum well channel
29 8,236,640 Method of fabricating a semiconductor device having gate finger elements extended over a plurality of isolation regions formed in the source and drain regions