Intel patents granted on 07 December 2010

19 US patents granted on 07 December 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,849,465 Programmable event driven yield mechanism which may activate service threads
2 7,849,450 Devices, methods and computer program products for reverse execution of a simulation
3 7,849,387 Detecting architectural vulnerability of processor resources
4 7,849,334 Transitioning a computing platform to a low power system state
5 7,849,301 Providing a user input interface prior to initiation of an operating system
6 7,849,286 Method for dynamic load balancing on partitioned systems
7 7,849,252 Providing a prefix for a packet header
8 7,849,251 Hardware assisted endpoint idleness detection for USB host controllers
9 7,849,243 Enabling flexibility of packet length in a communication protocol
10 7,849,232 Method and apparatus for using a single multi-function adapter with different operating systems
11 7,848,712 CMOS RF switch for high-performance radio systems
12 7,848,649 Method and system to frame and format optical control and data bursts in WDM-based photonic burst switched networks
13 7,848,138 Biasing a phase change memory device
14 7,848,133 Phase change memory with bipolar junction transistor select device
15 7,847,863 Enhancing sharpness in video images
16 7,847,752 Switching schemes for multiple antennas
17 7,847,394 Packaging of integrated circuits with carbon nanotube arrays to enhance heat dissipation through a thermal interface
18 7,847,317 Low-capacitance electrostatic discharge protection diodes
19 7,846,778 Integrated heat spreader, heat sink or heat pipe with pre-attached phase change thermal interface material and method of making an electronic assembly