Intel patents granted on 07 July 2009

17 US patents granted on 07 July 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,559,073 Identifying ancillary information associated with an audio/video program
2 7,558,992 Reducing the soft error vulnerability of stored data
3 7,558,966 Notifying remote administrator of platform integrity determination
4 7,558,946 Breaking a lock situation in a processor without detection of the lock situation using a multi-level approach
5 7,558,941 Automatic detection of micro-tile enabled memory
6 7,558,923 Prevention of live-lock in a multi-processor system
7 7,558,920 Apparatus and method for partitioning a shared cache of a chip multi-processor
8 7,558,911 Maintaining disk cache coherency in multiple operating system environment
9 7,558,849 Hardware management module
10 7,558,798 Method and apparatus for battery power pre-check at system power-on
11 7,558,543 Radio frequency tuner
12 7,558,265 Methods and apparatus to limit transmission of data to a localized area
13 7,558,097 Memory having bit line with resistor(s) between memory cells
14 7,557,725 Event signature apparatus, systems, and methods
15 7,557,438 Cooling mechanism for stacked die package, and method of manufacturing stacked die package containing same
16 7,557,036 Method, system, and apparatus for filling vias
17 7,556,894 Mask with minimum reflectivity over absorber layer