Intel patents granted on 07 June 2016

64 US patents granted on 07 June 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,363,826 Wireless device and method for wireless channel access
2 9,363,806 Fast switching of forward link in wireless system
3 9,363,792 Apparatus method and computer program element for efficient control and supervision of the activity of a communication device
4 9,363,780 System and method of uplink power control in a wireless communication system
5 9,363,766 Wireless communication interference mitigation
6 9,363,761 System and method for performance enhancement in heterogeneous wireless access network employing band selective power management
7 9,363,727 System and method of cell outage compensation in cellular systems
8 9,363,702 Method and system for enabling device-to-device communication
9 9,363,653 Transfer of communication from one device to another
10 9,363,573 System and method for controlling home network devices using multicast enabled remote controls
11 9,363,571 Touch sensing apparatus and method
12 9,363,513 Methods, systems, and computer program products for assessing a macroblock candidate for conversion to a skipped macroblock
13 9,363,473 Video encoder instances to encode video content via a scene change determination
14 9,363,266 Secured electronic device
15 9,363,241 Cryptographic enforcement based on mutual attestation for cloud services
16 9,363,203 Modular interconnect structure
17 9,363,136 Mechanism to monitor quality of service
18 9,363,117 Method, baseband signal generator and computer program for providing a baseband signal
19 9,363,070 Low power squelch circuit
20 9,363,068 Vector processor having instruction set with sliding window non-linear convolutional function
21 9,362,998 Hybrid automatic repeat request-acknowledge (HARQ-ACK) codebook generation for inter-band time division duplex (TDD) carrier aggregation (CA)
22 9,362,991 Apparatus, system and method of transmit power control for wireless communication
23 9,362,977 Incremental preamble detection
24 9,362,813 Controller and a method for controlling a process variable and a power supply circuit comprising a power supply and a controller
25 9,362,684 Rate scalable connector for high bandwidth consumer applications
26 9,362,369 Group III-N transistors on nanoscale template structures
27 9,362,253 Bumpless build-up layer package with pre-stacked microelectronic devices
28 9,362,233 Radio frequency shielding within a semiconductor package
29 9,362,232 Apparatus and method for embedding components in small-form-factor, system-on-packages
30 9,362,144 Article and panel comprising semiconductor chips, casting mold and methods of producing the same
31 9,362,074 Nanowire-based mechanical switching device
32 9,361,972 Charge level maintenance in a memory
33 9,361,970 Configuration for power reduction in DRAM
34 9,361,833 Eye tracking based selectively backlighting a display
35 9,361,718 Interactive screen viewing
36 9,361,537 Techniques to reduce color artifacts in a digital image
37 9,361,519 Computational array camera with dynamic illumination for eye tracking
38 9,361,510 Efficient facial landmark tracking using online shape regression method
39 9,361,498 Optical communication using differential images
40 9,361,471 Secure vault service for software components within an execution environment
41 9,361,465 Privacy-enhanced car data distribution
42 9,361,257 Mechanism for facilitating customization of multipurpose interconnect agents at computing devices
43 9,361,244 Apparatus for hardware accelerated runtime integrity measurement
44 9,361,234 Utilization of processor capacity at low operating frequencies
45 9,361,233 Method and apparatus for shared line unified cache
46 9,361,217 Methods and apparatus to manage workload memory allocation
47 9,361,152 Transactional memory management techniques
48 9,361,121 System and method for execution of a secured environment initialization instruction
49 9,361,116 Apparatus and method for low-latency invocation of accelerators
50 9,361,106 SMS4 acceleration processors, methods, systems, and instructions
51 9,361,101 Extension of CPU context-state management for micro-architecture state
52 9,361,100 Packing saturated lower 8-bit elements from two source registers of packed 16-bit elements
53 9,361,064 Methods and systems to compensate for non-linearity of a stochastic system
54 9,361,059 Architecture for seamless integrated display system
55 9,360,933 Virtual links between different displays to present a single virtual object
56 9,360,927 Power efficient processor architecture
57 9,360,924 Reduced power mode of a cache unit
58 9,360,920 Reducing power consumption in a fused multiply-add (FMA) unit of a processor
59 9,360,909 System, method and apparatus for energy efficiency and energy conservation by configuring power management parameters during run time
60 9,360,896 Low-profile hinge for an electronic device
61 9,360,889 Routing signals via hinge assemblies for mobile computing devices
62 9,360,601 On-chip diffraction grating prepared by crystallographic wet-etch
63 9,360,503 Method for determining a sampling time of a signal, device for determining the same, and method for determining a sampling parameter of a signal
64 9,360,502 Increasing current carrying capability through direct liquid cooling of test contacts