Intel patents granted on 07 March 2006

30 US patents granted on 07 March 2006 and assigned to Intel

1 7,010,791 Method for implementing multiple type hierarchies
2 7,010,780 Method and system for software modularization and automatic code generation for embedded systems
3 7,010,731 Method and apparatus of generating a quality indicator
4 7,010,723 Method to couple integrated circuit packages to bonding pads having vias
5 7,010,706 Apparatus having a first circuit supplying a power potential to a second circuit under a first operating mode otherwise decoupling the power potential
6 7,010,678 Bootstrap processor election mechanism on multiple cluster bus systems
7 7,010,671 Computer system and method for executing interrupt instructions in two operating modes
8 7,010,669 Determining whether thread fetch operation will be blocked due to processing of another thread
9 7,010,665 Method and apparatus for decompressing relative addresses
10 7,010,656 Method and apparatus for memory management
11 7,010,637 Single-ended memory interface system
12 7,010,634 Notebook computer with independently functional, dockable core computer
13 7,010,629 Apparatus and method for coupling to a memory module
14 7,010,613 Methods and apparatus for reducing frame overhead on local area networks
15 7,010,608 System and method for remotely accessing a home server while preserving end-to-end security
16 7,010,563 Multiplier with output current scaling
17 7,010,335 Apparatus and method to provide antenna diversity
18 7,010,177 Portability of digital images
19 7,010,016 Method and WCDMA receiver for high-rate and low-rate physical channel reception
20 7,009,946 Method and apparatus for multi-access wireless communication
21 7,009,894 Dynamically activated memory controller data termination
22 7,009,447 Outphasing modulator
23 7,009,437 Smart buffer circuit to match a delay over a range of loads
24 7,009,431 Interpolator linearity testing system
25 7,009,300 Low profile stacked multi-chip package and method of forming same
26 7,009,289 Fluxless die-to-heat spreader bonding using thermal interface material
27 7,009,272 PECVD air gap integration
28 7,008,872 Use of conductive electrolessly deposited etch stop layers, liner layers and via plugs in interconnect structures
29 7,008,122 Communications adapter module
30 7,008,120 High frequency emmitter and detector packaging scheme for 10GB/S transceiver