Intel patents granted on 07 May 2013

27 US patents granted on 07 May 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,438,618 Provisioning active management technology (AMT) in computer systems
2 8,438,552 Apparatus and method for automatically parallelizing network applications through pipelining transformation
3 8,438,515 Interchangeable connection arrays for double-sided DIMM placement
4 8,438,455 Error correction in a solid state disk
5 8,438,452 Poison bit error checking code scheme
6 8,438,410 Memory power management via dynamic memory operation states
7 8,438,389 Method and system for dynamic service negotiation with a uniform security control plane in a wireless network
8 8,438,369 Providing thread fairness by biasing selection away from a stalling thread using a stall-cycle counter in a hyper-threaded microprocessor
9 8,438,335 Probe speculative address file
10 8,438,248 Optimization of network protocol options by reinforcement learning and propagation
11 8,437,763 Mechanisms to update a serving base station with the CSG memberships of a mobile station
12 8,437,702 Dynamic channel quality measurement procedure implemented in a wireless digital communication system to prioritize the forwarding of downlink data
13 8,437,620 System, method, and computer program product for custom stream generation
14 8,437,585 Low-cost passive optical waveguide using Si substrate
15 8,437,550 Method, terminal device, and computer-readable recording medium for setting an initial value for a graph cut
16 8,437,430 Remote transmit IQ imbalance calibration and correction at multicarrier receivers
17 8,437,421 Method and arrangement for soft-decision sphere decoding
18 8,437,391 Transmitting video between two stations in a wireless network
19 8,437,343 Optimized link training and management mechanism
20 8,437,330 Antenna control system and method
21 8,437,329 Variable rate coding for enabling high performance communication
22 8,437,182 Reversible low-energy data storage in phase change memory
23 8,436,776 Near-horizon antenna structure and flat panel display with integrated antenna structure
24 8,436,470 Solder joint reliability in microelectronic packaging
25 8,436,404 Self-aligned contacts
26 8,435,809 Vertical mirror in a silicon photonic circuit
27 8,434,668 Magnetic attachment structure