Intel patents granted on 07 October 2014

48 US patents granted on 07 October 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,856,883 System and method for protecting MAC control messages
2 8,856,875 Software delivery models
3 8,856,873 Method, apparatus, and system for sending credentials securely
4 8,856,864 Detecting, enforcing and controlling access privileges based on sandbox usage
5 8,856,842 Wireless video clock synchronization to enable power saving
6 8,856,815 Selective adjustment of picture quality features of a display
7 8,856,781 Method and apparatus for supporting assignment of devices of virtual machines
8 8,856,627 Performing a cyclic redundancy checksum operation responsive to a user-level instruction
9 8,856,573 Setting a number (N) of fast training sequences (FTS) automatically to an optimal value
10 8,856,569 Microarchitecture controller for thin-film thermoelectric cooling
11 8,856,568 Independent power control of processing cores
12 8,856,564 Method and apparatus for power profile shaping using time-interleaved voltage modulation
13 8,856,562 Switched capacitor voltage regulator with high efficiency over a wide voltage range
14 8,856,547 Speed up secure hash algorithm (SHA) using single instruction multiple data (SIMD) architectures
15 8,856,546 Speed up secure hash algorithm (SHA) using single instruction multiple data (SIMD) architectures
16 8,856,534 Method and apparatus for secure scan of data storage device from remote server
17 8,856,515 Implementation of robust and secure content protection in a system-on-a-chip apparatus
18 8,856,512 Method and system for enterprise network single-sign-on by a manageability engine
19 8,856,494 SIMD processor for performing data filtering and/or interpolation
20 8,856,466 Mechanisms to accelerate transactions using buffered stores
21 8,856,420 Multi-protocol I/O interconnect flow control
22 8,856,416 Method and apparatus for processing latency sensitive electronic data with interrupt moderation
23 8,855,709 Communication devices and methods for selecting a radio access mode
24 8,855,706 Communication terminals and methods for controlling a receiver of a communication terminal
25 8,855,645 Radio communication devices and cellular wide area radio base station
26 8,855,603 Local security key update at a wireless communication device
27 8,855,592 Arrangements for narrow band interference detection
28 8,855,579 System and method for correcting integral nonlinearity in an oscillator system
29 8,855,305 Methods and apparatus for protecting digital content
30 8,855,302 Apparatus and method for Skein hashing
31 8,855,299 Executing an encryption instruction using stored round keys
32 8,855,257 Adaptation techniques in MIMO
33 8,855,180 Receiver with enhanced DC compensation
34 8,855,142 Coded bit padding
35 8,855,088 Reverse protocol for low latency wireless applications
36 8,855,063 Method and apparatus for response scheduling in a downlink multiple-user multiple input multiple output network
37 8,854,981 Signal interference measurements in a wireless communication network
38 8,854,960 Mechanism to prevent load in 3GPP network due to MTC device triggers
39 8,854,483 Image processing device, image processing method and image processing program
40 8,854,389 Apparatus and method for hardware-based video/image post-processing
41 8,854,377 Hierarchical motion blur rasterization
42 8,854,242 Radio frequency digital to analog converter
43 8,854,127 DC-DC converter for envelope tracking
44 8,853,757 Forming thick metal interconnect structures for integrated circuits
45 8,853,741 Junctionless accumulation-mode devices on decoupled prominent architectures
46 8,853,067 Method of isolating nanowires from a substrate
47 8,852,955 Methods and systems for detecting biomolecular binding using terahertz radiation
48 8,851,379 Method and system for decoding small sized barcodes from blurred images