Intel patents granted on 08 April 2008

32 US patents granted on 08 April 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,356,817 Real-time scheduling of virtual machines
2 7,356,812 Passing parameters by implicit reference
3 7,356,809 Programmable interpretive virtual machine
4 7,356,796 Method and apparatus to boost high-speed I/O signal performance using semi-interleaved transmitter/receiver pairs at silicon die bump and package layout interfaces
5 7,356,764 System and method for efficient processing of XML documents represented as an event stream
6 7,356,755 Error correction for multi-level cell memory with overwrite capability
7 7,356,735 Providing support for single stepping a virtual machine in a virtual machine environment
8 7,356,706 Personal authentication method and apparatus sensing user vicinity
9 7,356,618 Method and system for synchronizing platform clocks in a distributed wireless platform
10 7,356,555 In-protocol impedance compensation control
11 7,356,426 Calibration of thermal sensors for semiconductor dies
12 7,356,323 Antenna selection for diversity combining
13 7,356,321 Radio frequency tuner
14 7,356,315 Outphasing modulators and methods of outphasing modulation
15 7,356,210 Variable optical attenuator multiplexer with a thermal isolating optical joint
16 7,356,197 Variable tap filter architecture for image processing
17 7,355,971 Determining packet size in networking
18 7,355,836 Array capacitor for decoupling multiple voltage rails
19 7,355,281 Method for making semiconductor device having a high-k gate dielectric layer and a metal gate electrode
20 7,355,277 Apparatus and method integrating an electro-osmotic pump and microchannel assembly into a die package
21 7,355,268 High reflector tunable stress coating, such as for a MEMS mirror
22 7,355,254 Pinning layer for low resistivity N-type source drain ohmic contacts
23 7,355,247 Silicon on diamond-like carbon devices
24 7,355,246 Memory cell without halo implant
25 7,355,192 Adjustable suspension assembly for a collimating lattice
26 7,355,190 Debris mitigation device
27 7,354,862 Thin passivation layer on 3D devices
28 7,354,849 Catalytically enhanced atomic layer deposition process
29 7,354,832 Tri-gate device with conformal PVD workfunction metal on its three-dimensional body and fabrication method thereof
30 7,354,799 Methods for anchoring a seal ring to a substrate using vias and assemblies including an anchored seal ring
31 7,354,788 Method for processing a MEMS/CMOS cantilever based memory storage device
32 7,353,860 Heat dissipating device with enhanced boiling/condensation structure