Intel patents granted on 08 April 2014

20 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 8,695,017 Method and system for interworking a plurality of applications
2 8,694,976 Sleep state mechanism for virtual multithreading
3 8,694,914 Method and apparatus to control the display of windows in a processing system
4 8,694,816 Power delivery system in which VRM and CPU exchange power consumption measurements
5 8,694,758 Mixing instructions with different register sizes
6 8,694,736 Satisfying memory ordering requirements between partial reads and non-snoop accesses
7 8,694,636 Method and apparatus for network filtering and firewall protection on a secure partition
8 8,694,012 Method and apparatuses for two or more neighboring wireless network devices accessing a plurality of radio resources
9 8,693,971 Receiver, receiver circuits, and methods for providing an interference-reduced signal
10 8,693,969 Temperature compensation in a telecommunications device
11 8,693,961 System and method for improving power efficiency of a transmitter
12 8,693,959 System and apparatus for a direct conversion receiver and transmitter
13 8,693,728 Image selection based on image content
14 8,693,688 Adaptive packet ciphering
15 8,693,668 Method and apparatus for implementing call processing in packet telephony networks
16 8,693,601 Self-correcting multirate filter
17 8,693,476 Dynamic update of route table
18 8,693,406 Multi-user resource allocation and medium access control (MAC) overhead reduction for mobile worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) systems
19 8,693,319 Scheme for avoiding deadlock in multi-ring interconnect, with additional application to congestion control
20 8,692,699 Data interface clock generation