Intel patents granted on 08 June 2010

35 US patents granted on 08 June 2010 and assigned to Intel

1 7,735,081 Method, apparatus and system for transparent unification of virtual machines
2 7,735,024 Methods and apparatus to provide a handheld pointer-based user interface
3 7,734,985 Systems, methods, and apparatuses for using the same memory type to support an error check mode and a non-error check mode
4 7,734,980 Mitigating silent data corruption in a buffered memory module architecture
5 7,734,972 Common test logic for multiple operation modes
6 7,734,943 Low power display refresh
7 7,734,942 Enabling idle states for a component associated with an interconnect
8 7,734,936 Method and apparatus for a computing system having an active sleep mode CPU that uses the cache of a normal active mode CPU
9 7,734,934 Seamless data migration
10 7,734,857 Cache coherent switch device
11 7,734,847 Apparatus to maximize buffer utilization in an I/O controller
12 7,734,801 Method and apparatus for acquiring internet real-time media channels in a private network
13 7,734,787 Method and system for managing quality of service in a network
14 7,734,760 Estimating the location of a network client using a media access control address
15 7,734,741 Method, system, and apparatus for dynamic reconfiguration of resources
16 7,734,649 Deriving and using data access control information to determine whether to permit derivations of data elements
17 7,734,434 High speed digital waveform identification using higher order statistical signal processing
18 7,734,253 Apparatus and methods for coexistence of collocated wireless local area network and bluetooth.RTM. based on dynamic fragmentation of WLAN packets
19 7,734,176 Hybrid optical burst switching with fixed time slot architecture
20 7,734,123 Evanescent III-V silicon photonics device with spin coat bonding
21 7,733,906 Methodology for network port security
22 7,733,898 Method and apparatus for preventing starvation in a slotted-ring network
23 7,733,842 Dynamic beaconing in wireless mesh networks
24 7,733,797 Communications meshes
25 7,733,772 Dynamic selection of communication links in a mixed network
26 7,733,770 Congestion control in a network
27 7,733,626 Passive device structure
28 7,733,276 Antenna system for notebook computer and method for communicating in multiple wireless systems
29 7,733,216 Radio frequency identification tags capable of embedding receiver signal strength indications
30 7,733,204 Configurable multiphase coupled magnetic structure
31 7,732,936 Buffer coating having a physical mixture of high toughness polymer and a low shrinkage polymer
32 7,732,285 Semiconductor device having self-aligned epitaxial source and drain extensions
33 7,732,260 Semiconductor device power interconnect striping
34 7,732,106 Methods for etching devices used in lithography
35 7,731,864 Slurry for chemical mechanical polishing of aluminum