Intel patents granted on 08 March 2011

28 US patents granted on 08 March 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,904,907 Processing architecture having passive threads and active semaphores
2 7,904,903 Selective register save and restore upon context switch using trap
3 7,904,881 Using a virtual stack for fast and composable stack cutting
4 7,904,879 Reorganized storing of applications to improve execution
5 7,904,779 Forward error correction and automatic repeat request joint operation for a data link layer
6 7,904,758 System, method and apparatus for tracing source of transmission error
7 7,904,751 System abstraction layer, processor abstraction layer, and operating system error handling
8 7,904,701 Activating a design test mode in a graphics card having multiple execution units to bypass a host cache and transfer test instructions directly to an instruction cache
9 7,904,696 Communication paths for enabling inter-sequencer communication following lock competition and accelerator registration
10 7,904,694 Maintaining processor resources during architectural events
11 7,904,580 Digital media player exposing operational state data
12 7,904,323 Multi-team immersive integrated collaboration workspace
13 7,903,645 Methods, apparatus and systems configured for heterogeneous secure associations in Wi-Fi PAN
14 7,903,560 Correlation technique for determining relative times of arrival/departure of core input/output packets within a multiple link-based computing system
15 7,903,555 Packet tracing
16 7,903,552 Directional and priority based flow control mechanism between nodes
17 7,903,538 Technique to select transmission parameters
18 7,903,502 Automatic read of current time when exiting low-power state utility
19 7,903,495 Selectively controlled memory
20 7,903,476 Systems and techniques for non-volatile memory buffering
21 7,902,675 Capillary underfill of stacked wafers
22 7,902,617 Forming a thin film electric cooler and structures formed thereby
23 7,902,060 Attachment using magnetic particle based solder composites
24 7,902,058 Inducing strain in the channels of metal gate transistors
25 7,902,014 CMOS devices with a single work function gate electrode and method of fabrication
26 7,902,009 Graded high germanium compound films for strained semiconductor devices
27 7,901,982 Modified chip attach process
28 7,901,847 Use of soft adhesive to attach pellicle to reticle