Intel patents granted on 08 March 2016

54 US patents granted on 08 March 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D751,066 Wearable computing device
2 D751,065 Wearable computing device
3 9,282,650 Thermal compression bonding process cooling manifold
4 9,282,575 Reducing access channel delay in a wireless communication system
5 9,282,571 Dynamic configuration of uplink (UL) and downlink (DL) frame resources for a time division duplex (TDD) transmission
6 9,282,564 Simultaneous transmit and receive (STR) structures immune to phase and amplitude imbalances
7 9,282,542 Apparatus, system and method of wireless backhaul communication between wireless communication nodes
8 9,282,456 Techniques for roaming between heterogeneous wireless networks
9 9,282,455 System and method for user certificate initiation, distribution, and provisioning in converged WLAN-WWAN interworking networks
10 9,282,413 Apparatus and method for automatic audio system and recovery from unexpected behaviors
11 9,282,308 System and method for automatically creating a media archive from content on a recording medium
12 9,282,232 Collaborative image control
13 9,282,119 Policy enforcement in computing environment
14 9,282,118 Policy enforcement in computing environment
15 9,282,037 Table-driven routing in a dragonfly processor interconnect network
16 9,282,011 Network communication
17 9,281,979 Millimeter-wave line of sight MIMO communication system for indoor applications
18 9,281,970 Error burst detection for assessing reliability of a communication link
19 9,281,824 Clock amplitude detection
20 9,281,811 Circuit, a method and a synthesizer for generating a synthesized signal with a selectable frequency
21 9,281,787 Current re-using wideband low-noise active balun
22 9,281,699 Electronic device to be powered by alternative power source
23 9,281,467 Spin hall effect memory
24 9,281,401 Techniques and configurations to reduce transistor gate short defects
25 9,281,318 Three dimensional memory structure
26 9,281,292 Single layer low cost wafer level packaging for SFF SiP
27 9,281,281 Integrated circuit component shielding
28 9,281,118 Cascaded coils for multi-surface coverage in near field communication
29 9,281,043 Resistive memory write circuitry with bit line drive strength based on storage cell line resistance
30 9,280,659 Methods and apparatus for remeasuring a virtual machine monitor
31 9,280,510 Inter-chip communications with link layer interface and protocol adaptor
32 9,280,509 Data interface sleep mode logic
33 9,280,507 High performance interconnect physical layer
34 9,280,504 Methods and apparatus for sharing a network interface controller
35 9,280,492 System and method for a load instruction with code conversion having access permissions to indicate failure of load content from registers
36 9,280,474 Adaptive data prefetching
37 9,280,473 Method and apparatus for accessing physical memory from a CPU or processing element in a high performance manner
38 9,280,397 Using buffered stores or monitoring to filter redundant transactional accesses and mechanisms for mapping data to buffered metadata
39 9,280,395 Runtime dispatching among a heterogeneous group of processors
40 9,280,367 Techniques for using an assigned switch identification at an input/output device
41 9,280,350 Methods and apparatus to perform adaptive pre-fetch operations in managed runtime environments
42 9,280,322 Generating source code
43 9,280,315 Vector processor having instruction set with vector convolution function for fir filtering
44 9,280,238 Electrical touch screen sensor
45 9,280,207 Methods and systems for typing
46 9,280,198 Method and apparatus to reduce idle link power in a platform
47 9,280,194 Dynamic link width modulation
48 9,280,190 Method and systems for energy efficiency and energy conservation including on-off keying for power control
49 9,280,172 Method, apparatus, and system for optimizing frequency and performance in a multidie microprocessor
50 9,280,168 Low-power, high-accuracy current reference for highly distributed current references for cross point memory
51 9,280,162 Method and apparatus for minimizing within-die variations in performance parameters of a processor
52 9,280,148 System and method for electronically tagging items for use in controlling electrical devices
53 9,279,854 Mechanism for facilitating modular processing cell framework and application for asynchronous parallel singulated semiconductor device handling and testing
54 9,279,830 Test probe structures and methods including positioning test probe structures in a test head