Intel patents granted on 08 May 2012

19 US patents granted on 08 May 2012 and assigned to Intel

1 8,176,341 Platform power management based on latency guidance
2 8,176,266 Transaction based shared data operations in a multiprocessor environment
3 8,176,240 Method and apparatus for reducing power consumption in a memory bus interface by selectively disabling and enabling sense amplifiers
4 8,175,823 Probing analog signals
5 8,175,661 Device, system, and method of power saving in wireless network
6 8,175,554 Radio frequency communication devices and methods
7 8,175,203 Broadcast channel estimator
8 8,175,042 HARQ supported client relay protocol
9 8,175,040 Random access request extension for an additional resource request
10 8,175,022 Transmission of system configuration information in mobile WiMAX systems
11 8,174,975 Network adapter with TCP support
12 8,174,113 Methods of fabricating robust integrated heat spreader designs and structures formed thereby
13 8,174,084 Stress sensor for in-situ measurement of package-induced stress in semiconductor devices
14 8,174,060 Selective spacer formation on transistors of different classes on the same device
15 8,173,552 Method of fabricating an identification mark utilizing a liquid film assisted by a laser
16 8,173,495 Semiconductor on insulator
17 8,173,488 Electronic device and method of manufacturing same
18 8,173,436 Biosensor utilizing a resonator having a functionalized surface
19 8,173,259 Methods to fabricate functionally gradient materials and structures formed thereby