Intel patents granted on 08 November 2016

64 US patents granted on 08 November 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 D771,034 Combined electronic device and attachment
2 D771,032 Electronic device with detachable curved display
3 9,491,881 Microelectronic socket comprising a substrate and an insulative insert mated with openings in the substrate
4 9,491,797 Methods and systems for multi-directional time preservation distribution in multi-communication core devices
5 9,491,776 Systems and methods for scheduling communication between wireless devices to reduce interference associated with full duplex communication in multi-cell networks
6 9,491,725 User equipment and methods for device-to-device communication over an LTE air interface
7 9,491,673 Method and apparatus for M2M device subscription
8 9,491,661 Cloud spectrum management system
9 9,491,634 Signal buffering for licensed shared access (LSA) technology
10 9,491,601 Dynamic visual profiles
11 9,491,524 Leap second support in content timestamps
12 9,491,493 Unified content posting
13 9,491,490 Facilitating environment-based lossy compression of data for efficient rendering of contents at computing devices
14 9,491,452 Camera calibration
15 9,491,365 Viewfinder wearable, at least in part, by human operator
16 9,491,345 Adjustment of flash device based on temperature
17 9,491,153 WiFi opportunistic key caching over non-WiFi access
18 9,490,988 Continuous information transfer with reduced latency
19 9,490,971 Instruction for fast ZUC algorithm processing
20 9,490,834 Digital-to-analog converter circuit, an apparatus for providing a radio frequency transmit signal and a method of digital-to-analog conversion
21 9,490,825 Adjusting tuning segments in a digitally-controlled oscillator
22 9,490,823 Self-biased oscillator
23 9,490,807 Power reducing logic and non-destructive latch circuits and applications
24 9,490,780 Apparatuses, methods, and systems for dense circuitry using tunnel field effect transistors
25 9,490,701 Techniques for reducing switching noise and improving transient response in voltage regulators
26 9,490,699 Digitally controlled current mode power converter
27 9,490,560 Multi-array bottom-side connector using spring bias
28 9,490,364 Semiconductor transistor having a stressed channel
29 9,490,347 Capping dielectric structures for transistor gates
30 9,490,329 Semiconductor devices with germanium-rich active layers and doped transition layers
31 9,490,320 Uniaxially strained nanowire structure
32 9,490,313 Vertical meander inductor for small core voltage regulators
33 9,490,240 Film interposer for integrated circuit devices
34 9,490,201 Methods of forming under device interconnect structures
35 9,490,196 Multi die package having a die and a spacer layer in a recess
36 9,490,018 Extended select gate lifetime
37 9,490,003 Induced thermal gradients
38 9,489,928 Adjustment of monitor resolution and pixel refreshment based on detected viewer distance
39 9,489,772 Environment actuation by one or more augmented reality elements
40 9,489,771 Techniques for spatially sorting graphics information
41 9,489,760 Mechanism for facilitating dynamic simulation of avatars corresponding to changing user performances as detected at computing devices
42 9,489,720 Non-local means image denoising with detail preservation using self-similarity driven blending
43 9,489,708 Parallel approximation of distance maps
44 9,489,707 Sampler load balancing
45 9,489,567 Tracking and recognition of faces using selected region classification
46 9,489,545 Apparatus, system, and method for protecting electronic devices in a virtual perimeter
47 9,489,342 Systems, methods, and computer program products for performing mathematical operations
48 9,489,333 Adaptive termination scheme for low power high speed bus
49 9,489,329 Supporting multiple channels of a single interface
50 9,489,322 Reducing latency of unified memory transactions
51 9,489,246 Method and device for determining parallelism of tasks of a program
52 9,489,199 Vector compare instructions for sliding window encoding
53 9,489,198 Method and apparatus for performing logical compare operations
54 9,489,196 Multi-element instruction with different read and write masks
55 9,489,033 Systems and methods for reducing power consumption of a communication device
56 9,489,032 Power gated communication controller
57 9,489,029 Operating system independent network event handling
58 9,489,028 Managing sideband segments in on-die system fabric
59 9,489,008 Method and apparatus for clock frequency ratio independent error logging
60 9,488,595 Inspection of microelectronic devices using near-infrared light
61 9,488,529 Temperature measurement system
62 9,488,479 Method, system, and device for to-do-list based navigation
63 9,487,981 Cylindrical dual axis hinge for electronic devices
64 9,487,167 Vehicular speech recognition grammar selection based upon captured or proximity information