Intel patents granted on 08 September 2009

32 US patents granted on 08 September 2009 and assigned to Intel

1 7,587,750 Method and system to support network port authentication from out-of-band firmware
2 7,587,717 Dynamic master/slave configuration for multiple expansion modules
3 7,587,663 Fault detection using redundant virtual machines
4 7,587,650 Clock jitter detector
5 7,587,639 System and method for error injection using a flexible program interface field
6 7,587,625 Memory replay mechanism
7 7,587,612 Generating and communicating information on locations of program sections in memory
8 7,587,607 Attesting to platform configuration
9 7,587,595 Method and apparatus for providing software-based security coprocessors
10 7,587,584 Mechanism to exploit synchronization overhead to improve multithreaded performance
11 7,587,547 Dynamic update adaptive idle timer
12 7,587,544 Extending secure digital input output capability on a controller bus
13 7,587,521 Mechanism for assembling memory access requests while speculatively returning data
14 7,587,462 Method and apparatus for distributing notification among cooperating devices and device channels
15 7,587,401 Methods and apparatus to compress datasets using proxies
16 7,587,321 Method, apparatus, and system for building context dependent models for a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) system
17 7,587,262 Temperature averaging thermal sensor apparatus and method
18 7,587,145 Optical receiver with electric ternary coding
19 7,587,091 De-interlacing using decoder parameters
20 7,586,951 Method, apparatus, and system for idle state definition for power management
21 7,586,890 Airlink allocation in a wireless network
22 7,586,873 Wireless communications system that supports multiple modes of operation
23 7,586,756 Split thin film capacitor for multiple voltages
24 7,586,560 Display using light guide and refractive index control
25 7,586,495 Rendering multiple clear rectangles using a pre-rendered depth buffer
26 7,586,281 Methods and apparatus for optimal voltage and frequency control of thermally limited systems
27 7,586,196 Apparatus for an improved air gap interconnect structure
28 7,586,192 Routing configuration for high frequency signals in an integrated circuit package
29 7,585,760 Method for forming planarizing copper in a low-k dielectric
30 7,585,693 Method of forming a microelectronic package using control of die and substrate differential expansions and microelectronic package formed according to the method
31 7,585,615 Composite photoresist for modifying die-side bumps
32 7,584,536 Process for precise alignment of packaging caps on a substrate