Intel patents granted on 08 September 2015

38 US patents granted on 08 September 2015 and assigned to Intel

1 9,131,603 Signal line pairs on a circuit board which are displaced from each other relative to a center line
2 9,131,512 Methods and arrangements to mitigate collisions in wireless networks by enabling coexistence of disparate bandwidths
3 9,131,504 Method to enable Wi-Fi direct usage in radar bands
4 9,131,480 Techniques to manage group controling signaling for machine-to-machine devices
5 9,131,460 Radio relay communication device, method for relaying data, mobile terminal, and method for determining a sender of a signal
6 9,131,353 Apparatus, system and method of setting up an application service platform (ASP) peer to peer (P2P) group
7 9,131,331 Device discovery with privacy support
8 9,131,246 Detecting artifacts in quantization noise in images compresses using discrete cosine transforms
9 9,130,939 Ad hoc decentralized cloud infrastructure
10 9,130,817 Low power transmitter for generating pulse modulated signals
11 9,130,787 Adaptive frequency-domain equalization for wireless receivers
12 9,130,728 Reduced contention storage for channel coding
13 9,130,688 User equipment and methods for handover enhancement using reference signal received quality (RSRQ)
14 9,130,588 Redundant delay digital-to-time converter
15 9,129,958 3D integrated circuit package with window interposer
16 9,129,859 Three dimensional memory structure
17 9,129,844 Vertical meander inductor for small core voltage regulators
18 9,129,829 Silicon and silicon germanium nanowire structures
19 9,129,827 Conversion of strain-inducing buffer to electrical insulator
20 9,129,817 Magnetic core inductor (MCI) structures for integrated voltage regulators
21 9,129,674 Hybrid memory device
22 9,129,549 Automatic brightness control for displays
23 9,129,066 Device disconnect detection
24 9,128,888 Method and apparatus for turbo decoder memory collision resolution
25 9,128,866 Lightweight power management of audio accelerators
26 9,128,848 General storage cache functionality extension
27 9,128,842 Apparatus and method for reducing the flushing time of a cache
28 9,128,824 In-place change between transient and persistent state for data structures on non-volatile memory
29 9,128,818 Memory mapping in a processor having multiple programmable units
30 9,128,811 Assigning addresses to devices on an interconnect
31 9,128,790 Digital signal processor having instruction set with an exponential function using reduced look-up table
32 9,128,781 Processor with memory race recorder to record thread interleavings in multi-threaded software
33 9,128,699 Method and system for queuing transfers of multiple non-contiguous address ranges with a single command
34 9,128,698 Systems, apparatuses, and methods for performing rotate and XOR in response to a single instruction
35 9,128,363 Micro-projection device with antispeckle vibration mode
36 9,128,248 Optical transceiver interface with C-shaped planar alignment and securing
37 9,128,121 Mechanism for facilitating a dynamic electro-mechanical interconnect having a cavity for embedding electrical components and isolating electrical paths
38 9,128,111 Monitoring velocity and dwell trends from wireless sensor