Intel patents granted on 09 April 2013

21 US patents granted on 09 April 2013 and assigned to Intel

1 8,418,156 Two-stage commit (TSC) region for dynamic binary optimization in X86
2 8,418,033 Mode selection for data transmission in wireless communication channels based on statistical parameters
3 8,417,986 Time negotiation using serial voltage identification communication
4 8,417,945 Detection and reporting of virtualization malware in computer processor environments
5 8,417,943 Method and apparatus for performing an authentication after cipher operation in a network processor
6 8,417,891 Shared cache memories for multi-core processors
7 8,417,868 Method, apparatus and system for offloading encryption on partitioned platforms
8 8,417,802 System and method for configuring a client electronic device
9 8,417,517 Beamforming codebook generation system and associated methods
10 8,417,279 Techniques to control transmitter power level
11 8,417,253 Bandwidth and channel notification for wide-channel wireless communication
12 8,417,245 Method and wireless transmit/receive unit (WTRU) for receiving multimedia broadcast/multicast service
13 8,417,216 Anonymous electronic transactions
14 8,417,190 Uplink feedback channel reporting mechanism in wireless systems
15 8,417,070 Waveguide coupled surface plasmon polarition photo detector
16 8,416,905 Digital NRZI signal for serial interconnect communications between the link layer and physical layer
17 8,416,851 Motion detection for video processing
18 8,416,677 Systems and methods for high rate OFDM communications using first and second cyclic prefix lengths and first and second pilot tones
19 8,416,675 Tone reservation techniques for reducing peak-to-average power ratios
20 8,415,751 Method to reduce contact resistance of N-channel transistors by using a III-V semiconductor interlayer in source and drain
21 8,415,002 Method of manufacturing a circuit board