Intel patents granted on 09 August 2011

18 US patents granted on 09 August 2011 and assigned to Intel

1 7,996,872 Method and apparatus for switching program streams using a variable speed program stream buffer coupled to a variable speed decoder
2 7,996,791 Streaming video programming guide system selecting video files from multiple websites and automatically generating selectable thumbnails
3 7,996,721 Method and system for a process monitor using a hardware communication format
4 7,996,663 Saving and restoring architectural state for processor cores
5 7,996,656 Attaching and virtualizing reconfigurable logic units to a processor
6 7,996,644 Fair sharing of a cache in a multi-core/multi-threaded processor by dynamically partitioning of the cache
7 7,996,625 Method and apparatus for reducing memory latency in a cache coherent multi-node architecture
8 7,996,619 K-way direct mapped cache
9 7,996,617 Multithreaded clustered microarchitecture with dynamic back-end assignment
10 7,996,572 Multi-node chipset lock flow with peer-to-peer non-posted I/O requests
11 7,996,548 Message communication techniques
12 7,996,510 Virtual clustering for scalable network control and management
13 7,996,049 Remote unit for providing spatial processing
14 7,995,662 CQI reporting techniques for OFDMA wireless networks
15 7,995,546 Method and system of secured direct link set-up (DLS) for wireless networks
16 7,995,471 High-performance WiMAX QoS condition scheduling mechanism
17 7,995,068 Display refresh
18 7,993,525 Device and method for particle complex handling