Intel patents granted on 09 August 2016

54 US patents granted on 09 August 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,414,484 Thermal expansion compensators for controlling microelectronic package warpage
2 9,414,408 Multi-radio controller and methods for preventing interference between co-located transceivers
3 9,414,392 Apparatus, system and method of user-equipment (UE) centric access network selection
4 9,414,380 Millimeter-wave communication station and method for multiple-access beamforming in a millimeter-wave communication network
5 9,414,360 Multi-mode device (MMD) middleware for cloud spectrum services spectrum allocation
6 9,414,309 Mobile terminal
7 9,414,306 Device-to-device (D2D) preamble design
8 9,414,304 Method and related mobile device for cell searching with low memory requirement
9 9,414,125 Remote control device
10 9,413,765 Multinode hubs for trusted computing
11 9,413,583 Calibrating RF path delay and IQ phase imbalance for polar transmit system
12 9,413,446 Method, apparatus and communication unit
13 9,413,434 Cancellation of interfering audio on a mobile device
14 9,413,402 Dynamic low IF injection side selection
15 9,413,365 Oscillator with controllable frequency
16 9,413,364 Apparatus and method for clock synchronization for inter-die synchronized data transfer
17 9,413,326 Second-order filter with notch for use in receivers to effectively suppress the transmitter blockers
18 9,413,299 Systems and methods utilizing adaptive envelope tracking
19 9,413,097 High density cabled midplanes and backplanes
20 9,413,079 Single-package phased array module with interleaved sub-arrays
21 9,412,872 N-type and P-type tunneling field effect transistors (TFETs)
22 9,412,860 Multi-layer gate dielectric
23 9,412,821 Stacked thin channels for boost and leakage improvement
24 9,412,702 Laser die backside film removal for integrated circuit (IC) packaging
25 9,412,625 Molded insulator in package assembly
26 9,412,195 Constant buffer size multi-sampled anti-aliasing depth compression
27 9,412,002 Wearable electronic device having a fingerprint identification display
28 9,411,983 Apparatus and method to protect digital content
29 9,411,975 Methods and apparatus to securely share data
30 9,411,946 Fingerprint password
31 9,411,775 iWARP send with immediate data operations
32 9,411,763 Allocation of flow control credits for high performance devices
33 9,411,762 Method and system for platform management messages across peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) segments
34 9,411,748 Secure replay protected storage
35 9,411,739 System, method and apparatus for improving transactional memory (TM) throughput using TM region indicators
36 9,411,728 Methods and apparatus for efficient communication between caches in hierarchical caching design
37 9,411,725 Application-reserved cache for direct I/O
38 9,411,724 Method and apparatus for a partial-address select-signal generator with address shift
39 9,411,714 Finite state machine for system management
40 9,411,683 Error correction in memory
41 9,411,667 Recovery after input/ouput error-containment events
42 9,411,651 RDMA (remote direct memory access) data transfer in a virtual environment
43 9,411,601 Flexible bootstrap code architecture
44 9,411,600 Instructions and logic to provide memory access key protection functionality
45 9,411,593 Processors, methods, systems, and instructions to consolidate unmasked elements of operation masks
46 9,411,592 Vector address conflict resolution with vector population count functionality
47 9,411,586 Apparatus and method for an instruction that determines whether a value is within a range
48 9,411,584 Methods, apparatus, instructions, and logic to provide vector address conflict detection functionality
49 9,411,583 Vector instruction for presenting complex conjugates of respective complex numbers
50 9,411,405 Method for reducing power consumption in solid-state storage device
51 9,411,398 Electronic device and method to extend battery life
52 9,411,395 Method and apparatus to control current transients in a processor
53 9,411,363 Synchronization in a computing device
54 9,409,767 Energy storage structure, method of manufacturing a support structure for same, and microelectronic assembly and system containing same