Intel patents granted on 09 December 2008

25 US patents granted on 09 December 2008 and assigned to Intel

1 7,464,307 High performance serial bus testing methodology
2 7,464,300 Method, apparatus and system to detect and signal sequential hot plug failure diagnostics
3 7,464,287 Strategy to verify asynchronous links across chips
4 7,464,278 Combining power prediction and optimal control approaches for performance optimization in thermally limited designs
5 7,464,276 Method and apparatus for adjusting the voltage and frequency to minimize power dissipation in a multiprocessor system in response to compute load
6 7,464,241 Memory transaction burst operation and memory components supporting temporally multiplexed error correction coding
7 7,464,227 Method and apparatus for supporting opportunistic sharing in coherent multiprocessors
8 7,464,212 Method and apparatus for determining compatibility between devices
9 7,464,208 Method and apparatus for shared resource management in a multiprocessing system
10 7,464,199 Method, system, and program for handling Input/Output commands
11 7,464,197 Distributed direct memory access for systems on chip
12 7,464,194 Method and architecture to support interaction between a host computer and remote devices
13 7,463,993 Adaptive thermal-based frequency-bounds control
14 7,463,992 Method and system to self-test single and multi-core CPU systems
15 7,463,697 Multicarrier transmitter and methods for generating multicarrier communication signals with power amplifier predistortion and linearization
16 7,463,679 Equalizer mode selection based on distribution of symbol error
17 7,463,644 Self-configuring physical carrier sensing threshold adaptation
18 7,463,638 Up-tree topology trace for network route tracing
19 7,463,607 Apparatus, system and method capable of pre-allocating and communicating IP address information during wireless communication
20 7,463,514 Multi-level cell serial-parallel sense scheme for non-volatile flash memory
21 7,463,492 Array capacitors with voids to enable a full-grid socket
22 7,463,486 Transpiration cooling for passive cooled ultra mobile personal computer
23 7,463,093 Variable gain amplifier
24 7,462,551 Adhesive system for supporting thin silicon wafer
25 7,461,896 System and device for monitoring and assisting human gross motor skills