Intel patents granted on 09 December 2014

46 US patents granted on 09 December 2014 and assigned to Intel

1 RE45,287 Location-based vehicle messaging system
2 8,910,169 Methods and systems to perform a computer task in a reduced power consumption state
3 8,910,158 Virtualizing interrupt priority and delivery
4 8,910,114 Optimizing code using a bi-endian compiler
5 8,910,029 Iterative decoder
6 8,909,988 Recoverable parity and residue error
7 8,909,949 Method and device for decoding data
8 8,909,940 Extensible pre-boot authentication
9 8,909,915 Multi-mode handheld wireless device with shared mode to support cross-mode communications
10 8,909,902 Systems, methods, and apparatuses to decompose a sequential program into multiple threads, execute said threads, and reconstruct the sequential execution
11 8,909,901 Permute operations with flexible zero control
12 8,909,898 Copy equivalent protection using secure page flipping for software components within an execution environment
13 8,909,880 Method and apparatus for high bandwidth dictionary compression technique using delayed dictionary update
14 8,909,862 Processing out of order transactions for mirrored subsystems using a cache to track write operations
15 8,909,856 Fast exit from self-refresh state of a memory device
16 8,909,853 Methods and apparatus to share a thread to reclaim memory space in a non-volatile memory file system
17 8,909,849 Pipeline architecture for scalable performance on memory
18 8,909,777 Systems and methods for dynamic access to program features
19 8,909,741 Playlist compilation system and method
20 8,909,232 Mobile unit having internet protocol functionality
21 8,909,186 Receiver, method and mobile communication device
22 8,909,151 System and method to avoid saturation of an associating WiGig station
23 8,909,065 Adjustable delayer, method for delaying an input signal and polar transmitter
24 8,908,896 Earpiece for an electronic device
25 8,908,810 Systems and methods for implementing soft-decision Reed-Solomon decoding to improve cable modem and cable gateway performance
26 8,908,807 Methods and apparatus for signaling on a differential link
27 8,908,804 Phase interpolator
28 8,908,792 Apparatus and methods using an efficient Golay correlator running at 1.5 the sampling rate in wireless communication systems
29 8,908,764 System and method for intracoding and decoding video data
30 8,908,751 Joint adaptive bias point adjustment and digital pre-distortion for power amplifier
31 8,908,743 Receiver with multi layer interference cancellation
32 8,908,688 Multicast support on a switch for PCIe endpoint devices
33 8,908,654 Dynamic bandwidth allocation for multiple access communications using buffer urgency factor
34 8,908,652 Maintenance of channel usage in a wireless communication system
35 8,908,526 Controlled interconnection of networks using virtual nodes
36 8,907,897 Optical capacitive thumb control with pressure sensor
37 8,907,859 Edge-emitting antennas for ultra slim wireless mobile devices
38 8,907,858 Integrated antennas for near field coupling integration
39 8,907,830 Digital-to-analog converter comprising slow converter section and fast converter section
40 8,907,756 Semiconductor package with air core inductor (ACI) having a metal-density layer unit of fractal geometry
41 8,907,737 Apparatus, system and method for configuring signal modulation
42 8,907,491 Pitch quartering to create pitch halved trenches and pitch halved air gaps
43 8,907,480 Chip arrangements
44 8,907,461 Heat dissipation device embedded within a microelectronic die
45 8,905,794 Connector assembly and method
46 8,904,630 Method of placing a chip assembly in a socket housing