Intel patents granted on 09 February 2016

45 US patents granted on 09 February 2016 and assigned to Intel

1 9,258,914 Hinge assembly
2 9,258,880 Package substrate and die spacer layers having a ceramic backbone
3 9,258,807 Communication network device, communication terminal, and communication resource allocation methods
4 9,258,805 HARQ/ACK codebook size determination
5 9,258,780 Device, system and method of power management in a wireless area network
6 9,258,779 Apparatus, system and method of wireless communication during a power save state
7 9,258,771 Radio communication devices and methods for controlling a radio communication device
8 9,258,767 Methods and arrangements to compress identification
9 9,258,747 User equipment and methods for fast handover failure recovery in 3GPP LTE network
10 9,258,734 Resource management in multiple radio access networks
11 9,258,723 Systems, methods, and devices with different radio link failure timers based on user equipment speed
12 9,258,706 Mobile device and method for secure on-line sign-up and provisioning for wi-fi hotspots using SOAP-XML techniques
13 9,258,344 Multi-hop single sign-on (SSO) for identity provider (IdP) roaming/proxy
14 9,258,299 Biometric cloud communication and data movement
15 9,258,138 Unidirectional coding for bidirectional data bus radio frequency interference mitigation
16 9,258,114 Quantum key distribution (QSD) scheme using photonic integrated circuit (PIC)
17 9,258,104 Pattern indicator signal for new DMRS pattern
18 9,258,082 Network system configured for resolving forward error correction during a data mode
19 9,258,047 MIMO beamforming method and method of constructing a differential codebook for a wireless network
20 9,258,043 Distortion-aware multiple input multiple output precoding
21 9,257,967 Multi-phase signal generator and multi-phase signal generating method thereof
22 9,257,405 Multi-solder techniques and configurations for integrated circuit package assembly
23 9,257,380 Forming functionalized carrier structures with coreless packages
24 9,257,368 Microelectric package utilizing multiple bumpless build-up structures and through-silicon vias
25 9,257,364 Integrated heat spreader that maximizes heat transfer from a multi-chip package
26 9,257,346 Apparatus and methods for forming a modulation doped non-planar transistor
27 9,257,276 Organic thin film passivation of metal interconnections
28 9,257,175 Refresh of data stored in a cross-point non-volatile memory
29 9,257,162 Alternate control settings
30 9,257,149 Broadcast pause and resume for enhanced television
31 9,256,976 Techniques for extracting and displaying partially processed graphics information
32 9,256,789 Estimating motion of an event captured using a digital video camera
33 9,256,780 Facilitating dynamic computations for performing intelligent body segmentations for enhanced gesture recognition on computing devices
34 9,256,742 Remote trust attestation and geo-location of servers and clients in cloud computing environments
35 9,256,497 Checkpoints associated with an out of order architecture
36 9,256,493 Memory module architecture
37 9,256,441 System and method providing forward compatibility between a driver module and a network interface
38 9,256,433 Systems and methods for move elimination with bypass multiple instantiation table
39 9,256,277 Method and apparatus for thermal sensitivity based dynamic power control of a processor
40 9,256,276 Utilization of processor capacity at low operating frequencies
41 9,256,270 Platform power management for building wide control of power factor and harmonics
42 9,256,268 Adaptive low-power link-state entry policy for active interconnect link power management
43 9,256,253 Clasp assembly and data interconnection for wearable computing devices
44 9,255,945 Micro positioning test socket and methods for active precision alignment and co-planarity feedback
45 9,254,532 Methods of fabricating low melting point solder reinforced sealant and structures formed thereby